Police Beat - Feb. 21, 2011

  • Written by Kelly Parker

Where There’s Smoke . . .

Feb. 3: A woman in a Woodinville neighborhood reported hearing a window broken in a nearby home.

This caused particular suspicion because not long before hearing this, a peculiar gentleman had appeared at her door claiming he was lost and needed directions to get out of the neighborhood.

She gave him directions, but noted that he did not heed her advice and headed in a direction in opposition to what she had suggested as suitable for efficient egress.

When an officer arrived to investigate, she directed him to the house from which she believed the sound of breaking glass had come.

The officer found that at this home several screens had been removed and one window had been broken out completely.

The residence was free of suspicious individuals and the absent homeowner contacted.

He arrived on scene to indicate the items that had been taken: several containers that together had held a few hundred dollars in coins.

The thief also took two pillow cases.

He dropped several coins on the driveway in his getaway.

These were taken for processing, but it was otherwise difficult to locate evidence elsewhere on the property.


Intestinal Distress

Feb. 2: A Woodinville officer responded to reports of a fraud perpetrated against a local restaurant.

According to the manager of the establishment, a few days earlier he had received a call from an individual claiming to represent an Official Sounding Entity.

The individual said that two people reported having become ill after eating at the establishment and the entity wanted to make an appointment for a visit there.

Once a date was set, several phone calls were made thereafter in which representatives of the Entity requested the manager’s cell phone number, as well as that of several employees.

Then, at the time the appointment had been set, no one arrived to inspect the establishment.

This led the manager to call the Appropriate Public Entity and describe what had taken place. The individual he spoke to had not received any complaints about the restaurant; rather, she suspected that the manager had been the victim of a scam.

She suggested that he make a police report.

The manager provided police with the phone number for the Official Sounding Entity.

A call placed to that number resulted in notification that it had been disconnected.


. . . There’s Fire!

Feb. 2: An officer was dispatched to a Woodinville medical facility where a man had been reportedly smoking an herbarium specimen in a bathroom.

The officer confirmed the man’s legal right to smoke the herbarium specimen, as a general matter for its "medical" effects, but he discovered that the man had four warrants for his arrest in three different counties.

While transporting the man to the esteemed jail of our county, the man inquired whether it was possible to drop his bulky backpack off with his mother in a nearby locality.

The officer, ever helpful, made the appropriate arrangements and did so after completing the transport.

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