‘Shining Stars’ at Cherry Valley

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD


Courtesy photo. First graders in Mrs. Archuleta’s class show off their "Shining Stars."

Creativity, laughter and loads of sparkles could be found in Mrs. Archuleta’s first grade classroom at Cherry Valley Elementary as students began their "Shining Star" Projects. This enlightening assignment encourages students to create large three dimensional stars using their imagination, plenty of color and their favorite part — massive amounts of glitter.

These individual works of art showcase the students’ artistic abilities and helps to shine a "light" on an important humanitarian/ community building activity as well.

Mrs. Archuleta explains: "The children learn in creating these special ornaments, that we are all just like the stars in the sky; we all shine in different ways and no one star, like a snowflake, are ever the same."

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