Spring Coloring Event Results

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Ages 0-3

1st Place: Dylan Merefield

2nd Place: Knut Torenson

Honorable Mention: Maci Epp

Ages 4-6

1st Place: Kiera Koole

2nd Place: Finnegan Forgey

Honorable Mention: Shea Kozel, Nora Sepe, Tenille Cierebiej, Raghan Puri

Ages 7-9

1st Place: Maye Sepe

2nd Place: Benjamin Carrell

Honorable Mention: DeAunte Epp

Ages 10-12

1st Place: Dylan Merefield

2nd Place: Brendan Forgey

Ages 12+

1st Place: Andrea Heald

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