Two area seniors named National Merit Scholarship winners

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Washington state has 54 high school seniors who are 2011 National Merit Scholarship winners.

The award, which is based on academic record and community activities, carries a $2,500 scholarship which can be used at any U.S. college or university.

Among the winners are two students from Northshore: Michaella Rosner and Dana Floberg. Rosner, an International Baccalaureate diploma candidate at Inglemoor, holds a 4.0 GPA and is co-president of both her school’s Japanese Cultural Club and the Japanese National Honor Society.


Michaella Rosner
Rosner has been an active volunteer at such places as Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, Kelsey Creek Farm and a variety of local food drives for the Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry.

"It’s rewarding to be a volunteer," says the teen. "I especially enjoy doing the food drives because it’s great to see the whole community get involved for a good cause." In applying for the National Merit Scholarship, Rosner had to write an essay about a meaningful experience. She chose to focus on her trip to Japan with the Youth Leadership Institute. During her stay in the country, she visited several cities and sights, among which included Hiroshima.

"We went to the Peace Museum and heard testimony from a survivor of the bombing," she comments. "And then we saw a performance done by young actors who did a reenactment of the bombing and the aftermath and recovery. At the end of the show, we were invited to join the actors and dance to celebrate the return of life."

She adds, "I was profoundly affected by this whole experience. It showed how life goes on and how there can be a sense of optimism around one of the world’s greatest tragedies."

Rosner’s trip to Japan deepened her interest in the Japanese culture and its sense of refinement and respect, which led to her involvement in her school’s Japanese Culture Club.

In the fall, the teen will most likely attend UW, unless she receives word that she has been accepted at Pomona College, where she is currently waitlisted. She plans to study molecular biology as a pre-med student, with the goal of becoming an immunologist in the future. "I’ve known I’ve wanted to do this for awhile," says Rosner. "I first got interested in the subject as a child when I would go see the doctor. In the office was a book titled, "Germs Make Me Sick," and I started reading it. I really loved it. I even got my own copy and I still have it today."

Rosner feels well prepared to enter college due to participating in the rigorous International Baccalaureate program at IHS.

"It’s been absolutely incredible," she comments. "The teachers are passionate about their subjects and teaching.

"They go beyond what you’d expect and are always available to the students. It’s a demanding program, but it’s given me such great preparation and I feel totally ready for college."

Dana Folberg
Dana Floberg is a senior at Bothell High, where she, too, holds a 4.0 GPA. Her community involvement has included volunteering at local food drives, tutoring kids at Canyon Park Junior High and coaching a girls’ soccer team.

At BHS, she has been very involved in the drama department, acting in numerous plays, as well as taking a turn at directing a one-act piece.

Among her favorite roles is Veta Louise Simmons, the female lead in the show, "Harvey."

For Floberg, this was a plum role that she fully embraced.

"Veta is this semi-neurotic woman with emotional depth," she explains. "It was really fun to play her."

The teen has also been active in the Model U.N. Club at BHS.

Her application essay for the scholarship centered on an experience she had of listening to her dad play guitar when he was unaware of her presence.

"It got me thinking about what people do for themselves when they’re alone," she comments. "It was voyeuristic in a sense, but it’s about the private mind."

Floberg will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, where she plans to study communications. In her opinion, the education she received at BHS well prepared her for her future endeavors.

She adds, "I took lots of honors and AP classes and I got what I needed from my classes and teachers."

The teen is thrilled to be a National Merit Scholarship winner, as the money will provide her with extra financial assistance.

More importantly, she feels proud that she was selected for the honor, noting that it is one of the purely merit-based scholarships available to students.

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