Logjam, fallen trees pose hazards on stretch of lower Tolt River

  • Written by Valley View Staff

King County has identified a series of river spanning logs and a logjam on the Tolt River which pose a hazard to river users. The hazard is located in the ½ mile stretch of the Tolt downstream of the SR 203 Bridge to the confluence with the mainstream Snoqualmie River. Standing trees fell into the river as the river bank eroded during the winter 2010-2011 floods.

Boaters, floaters, tubers, swimmers and waders should exit the river using the gravel bar on the right (north) side of the river just below the SR 203 bridge. Signs directing river users to get out of the river have been posted. River users should not attempt to navigate the spanning logs, and should not put in to the Tolt River anywhere downstream of SR 203.

Rivers are always extremely dangerous in springtime and King County officials are urging people to just stay out of rivers, which can be cold, fast and deadly. This year King County rivers are running especially fast and cold due to an unusually heavy amount of mountain snow melt and a tumultuous winter flood season that has changed river channels and reoriented logs, as seen in this stretch of the Tolt River.

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