The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network celebrates those who make the Valley shine

L to R: Volunteer Barbara Nickles is celebrated by nominator Celina Travis from Encompass.Photo by Leanne Christensen
Every year in June there is a very rare and amazing event which takes place right here in the Snoqualmie Valley; it is called the Rise and Shine Breakfast and it is sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.   

Amazing because it shines the light on literally dozens of caring and dedicated community volunteers, and rare because so often our "thanks" for the overabundance of goodwill/good works of these types of individuals in our community goes unmentioned.

Most of these individuals prefer that their acts of kindness, selfless volunteering and passionate caring efforts remain anonymous; however the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network realizes the importance of allowing these altruistic individuals to "shine" and to receive the acclaim they so truly deserve.  

The following is a list of those awarded at the 15th annual Rise and Shine breakfast on June 2nd at Camp River Ranch in Carnation. If you happen to see any of these individuals in your community, please take a moment to thank them for their contribution in making our lives and the lives of our children healthier, safer and more meaningful here in the valley. 

This year’s recipients are:  

Modifying/Changing Institutional and governmental Policies 

Glynis Bawden, Greg Bawden

Providing Support and Opportunities for Children That Enhance Protection and Strengthen Communities

Jen Heger, Merle Judd, Jessica Kits, Barbara Nickles, Sally Rasmussen, Debbie McGrath, Karen Miller, Rhonda Oord, Pamela Parks, Laura Tisdale, Jennifer Fisher,

 The 2011 Professional Legacy Award was given to Sue Eastgard. 

Sue Eastgard is retiring as the executive director for the Youth Suicide Prevention Program.

Riverview School Board Director Greg Bawden is congratulated by RSD School Board President Lori Oviatt. Photo by Leanne Christensen
Since 1997 Sue has championed the development, implementation and delivery of programs to reduce the incidence of youth suicide in Washington state. She has produced educational materials and written innovative classroom curriculum, and over the years she has trained thousands of people how to recognize the signs for suicide and how to get help for those in need.  

 The 2011 Youth Legacy Award was given to   Cedarcrest High School senior Josh Denison.

 Josh Denison is one of the original founders of the Riverview Youth Council. Josh and this dedicated group of young volunteers aspire to "Be the Change" in their community, by providing education, increasing knowledge and raising awareness of substance abuse, and bullying prevention.

Josh has been a leader and a vital part of helping to create safe, fun and healthy activities for youth in our community.

Josh has a hand in more initiatives and efforts in our valley than most adults through his  participation in student panels, attending Anti-Drug Coalition conferences, sharing testimony with state legislators in Olympia on more than one occasion, and inspiring other youth to become more involved in supporting diversity, awareness and understanding.   

Thank you to all of the above mentioned volunteers, who truly make our valley shine every day. We are so grateful for your passion, dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the children and families here in the Snoqualmie Valley.

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