No 2012 presidential primary

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Washington state has suspended its 2012 presidential primary in order to save taxpayers over $10 million. The state’s regular Top 2 primary in August is unaffected.

The state will use the precinct caucus and convention system to choose national convention delegates. Caucuses are neighborhood gatherings sponsored by the Democratic and Republican parties. The caucuses gauge the support for each presidential candidate, and those proportions are used to allocate delegates to county, legislative, congressional and state conventions, where national convention delegates are eventually chosen. The gatherings also deal with party platforms and other internal matters.

Reed said cancelling – he prefers the phrase "suspending" – the presidential primary was something he had never envisioned supporting ...

"But $10 million IS a lot of money when the budget gap is $5 billion and there are so many needs out there, and the voters have compelled Olympia to solve the crisis without new taxes."

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