East King County senior housing options website announced

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

ARCH, in collaboration with local senior commissions and a student team from the Continuing Education Project Management Program at the University of Washington, announce the availability of Senior Housing Options, a new tool to inform seniors, caregivers, and their families of housing choices for seniors in East King County. Senior Housing Options helps guide users through issues related to aging in place or transitioning out of their current home to a new home. It allows seniors to evaluate their values and needs, and discover the many housing and service options in East King County. It provides an overview of the full range of housing choices for seniors and helps them find their way through a maze of information by focusing on issues related to housing needs and resources and housing specifically in East King County. While ARCH generally focuses on affordable housing needs in the community, the senior housing options information is targeted to all seniors regardless of income. The best way to access this tool is through Printed copies are also available at local senior centers in East King County.

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