Beer, It's my opinion - July 11, 2011

  • Written by Toren Heald, Broker, Wedgewood Realty & Beer Lover
This past week I was invited to a release of the "Blueline Series" beer from Redhook. First question asked is "What is a Blueline?" Blueline was a Seattle streetcar line that use to run to Redhook’s former location in Ballard and the Trolleyman Pub. Redhook coined the name Blueline in conjunction with their limited release beers.

On Tuesday the 21st of June at this media event Redhook was featuring the first of their Blueline Series Dunkelweizen which simply translated means dark wheat. The Blueline is only going to have four or five of these beer offerings thought the year in celebration of their 30th anniversary. Keep your eye on this paper for more articles about the upcoming Blueline beers.

Redhook propaganda describes it by saying that the Dunkelweizen is "dark wheat ale with complex style, sporting a dark amber color and features traditional yeast characteristics of banana and clove. It offers roasted malt notes that add a rich complexity to this Teutonic-inspired brew." I heard blah, blah, blah. It is delicious and that’s what counts. Pour me another pint is all that is on my mind. Long and the short; if you typically like wheat beers, there is a good chance you will love this one. This beer explodes flavor all over your taste buds. Redhook does encourage the use of their product for culinary purpose, so I think I will marinate a rib eye steak in Dunkel overnight, salt and pepper to taste and grill it tomorrow. Bet it will be delicious. Note to Redhook: Don’t be mad that I thought of this first. You can use my recipe in the Forecaster’s Pub. Prost!

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