PARADE creative writing students a.k.a. our latest literary learners

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
PARADE teacher Lisa Taylor wanted to help her students make the most of their creative writing class, with an emphasis on the art of poetry. She wanted her students to authentically learn about the literary elements that authors use to make their writing more interesting and descriptive.

With the objective set, Lisa began instruction on similes – comparisons between two things using the words "like" or "as." Students then continued their studies by tackling acrostic poems; using themselves as the subject and using similes to compare themselves to things.

Next they learned about nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. The literary form students have been diligently working on is called alliteration. In April, students began their rough drafts of a "season or month" poem, making each sentence an alliteration (using the same sound at the beginning of words).

During the month of May Ms. Taylor taught her "latest literary learners" about the intricacy of writing: couplets, limericks, haikus and diamontes. Throughout this process students are also learning the importance of brainstorming, rough draft, revise/edit and final draft applications. Her plan was to have a poetry book bound for each student which will include all of their original work, and to present a Poetry Café where parents can come to hear the all of the students’ inspiring work!

The following are samples of two biographical poems:


Fast, nice, creative

Who wishes to have three cats and dogs

Who dreams of world peace

Who wants to go to Paris.


Athletic, strong, kind

Who wishes to go to California for five days

Who dreams of Mario Brothers

Who wants to work at Microsoft

Who loves my mom.

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