Duvall celebrates new electric car charging station

  • Written by Lisa Allen

DUVALL–Harbingers of a new environmental era, they are sprouting like mushrooms across the country.

And now Duvall has its first electric vehicle charging station with two designated spaces in the fire department’s back parking lot. Downtown street signs point the way.

Last week the new arrival was officially recognized at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. But few who attended actually admired the station itself, most preferring to gush over its flashier brethren (four electric cars including two Tesla Roadsters and two passenger car-type Nissan Leafs) which stole the show.

The Roadsters offer Ferrari-like looks and performance with a $100,000 (or so) price to match. Tom Saxton of Sammamish brought his, a spiffy little sports car that is powered by 6,831 laptop batteries.

"It goes from zero to 60 in four seconds." said Saxton, director of Plug In America, a non-profit organization that represents consumers who want to drive plug-in vehicles. He said the Tesla, moving at a steady rate of 55 mph, can travel 240 miles on a charge. "It has a 60 mile range for every hour of charging," he said.

Before his recent retirement Fire Chief John Lambert had spent quite a bit of time working towards getting a charging station installed in town. The former chief cut the ceremonial ribbon for what he called an "appliance."

"This is an appliance," he grinned, gesturing towards the charger. "Normally you wouldn’t be holding a ribbon- cutting for a washer or refrigerator, but this one little appliance is part of a large system. It’s one of the small things we do – many little steps make a big difference – they all count towards creating a sustainable world."

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