Beer, It's My Opinion - July 18, 2011

  • Written by Toren Heald, broker, Wedgewood Realty & beer lover

Guess what Woodinville? We have a new brewery coming to town; woo hoo!

I stopped in and spoke with Kirk Hilse, owner of Twelve Bar Brews and he was gracious enough to give me the 10 cent tour. The brewery is currently under construction with their build out and is wading through all the bureaucracies of the state to obtain their final licensing requirements. Kirk told me that they have about 10 solid days of construction before they are finished with the build-out but once again we are waiting on the state before he opens.

Twelve Bar Brews will not be a pub (yet), but rather just a tasting room where you will be able to get a sample and buy a growler or a keg to go. For now the focus will be on selling kegs to local restaurants and bars with no immediate plans to bottle.

Doing my best to get a sneak preview of the beer to come I was out of luck for a sample. I’m told that I will get an invitation back when they are ready to open the doors so I can report back on the quality of the brew. If you want additional updates you can go to the website

Welcome to town Kirk and Twelve Bar Brews. Cheers!

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