It’s time to clean house — fall recycling event set for Sept. 10

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The City of Woodinville will host its annual recycling event at the Woodinville Park & Ride (NE 179th Street and 140th Avenue NE) on Saturday, September 10, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fees apply for the collection of some materials. For details, call (425) 877-2274. Cash only is accepted for fees.

• STATION 1 - TIRES: Bias ply, steel belted, and studded tires accepted. $1.00 charge for each passenger tire(19.5" and smaller); $2.50 charge for each tire on a rim; $5.25 charge for each large truck tire and $10 charge for each truck tire on a rim.

•STATION 2 - BATTERIES:Lead Acid: car, truck, marine, and motorcycle batteries accepted. Household Alkaline: AAAA, AAA, AA, A, C, D and 9 volt batteries.

• STATION 3 - MOTOR OIL, FILTERS AND ANTIFREEZE: Motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, transmission fluid, 2-cycle oil, crankcase oil, kerosene and home heating fuel. Do not mix with antifreeze, solvents, gasoline or other substances.

•STATION 4 - REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS AND AIR CONDITIONERS: $25 charge* for each refrigerator and freezer; $35 charge* for each window air conditioner. Household units only.

*Fees cover the safe, proper removal and disposal of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC coolants) in the units.

• STATION 5 - HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND CLOTHING: Gently used clothing and textiles, and small furniture items in good condition only. Mattresses and items in need of repair will not be accepted. Computers, moniters, laptops and televisions are not being accepted. Please note that computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and printers will be accepted at the City Recycling Collection Event.

•STATION 6 - APPLIANCES AND SCRAP METAL: Any metal, auto parts, broken bikes, metal lawn furniture, mowers (drain all fluids), stoves, microwaves, barbecues, washers/dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other ferrous and nonferrous metal.No butane, propane, freon, or helium tanks or cans that contain chemicals. Metals that are insulated, rubber or oil coated, previously or currently contain chemicals, paint, or hazardous materials will not be accepted.

•STATION 7 - CARDBOARD: Please flatten. No wax coated cardboard.

• STATION 8 - CLEAN WOOD: Includes clean wood, plywood, pallets, and other untreated and unpainted wood — no peg, particle, or press board.

• STATION 9 - BULKY WOOD: Includes large tree branches (6-inch diameter and larger) firewood and logs. No leaves, grass clippings, small branches, sod or brush. For easy removal, please lay tarp under material.

•STATION 10 - PORCELAIN SINKS AND TOILETS: Toilets and sinks will be accepted for a $10 (cash only) fee for each. Please remove wooden or plastic toilet seats, hardware and base wax rings at the bottom. Metal sinks and metal toilet parts are accepted as Scrap Metal at Station 6

Here’s what will NOT be accepted:

NO paint, pesticides, solvents and thinners, household chemicals, cleaning products, computers, televisions, window glass, garbage, painted wood, plastic toys and plastic hoses, fluorescent lights, light fixture ballasts, sealed drums, and mattresses.

Paint, pesticides, solvents, thinners, household chemicals and cleaning products, and propane tanks can be disposed of through the King County Hazardous Wastemobile.

More details:

No flat beds or dump trucks allowed.

We reserve the right to refuse oversized, commercial, contaminated, excessive or unacceptable loads.

ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT IS NO LONGER COLLECTED at our events. Visit for information on the new E-Waste Law and permanent collection sites in your area. For more information, call the Woodinville Public Works Department at (425) 877-2274


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