Fire commissioners send former chief a package proposal

  • Written by Don Mann
Maybe it was because District Counsel Richard Mitchell was present in the executive session room and the taxpayers’ meters were running, but the Woodinville Fire & Rescue board of commissioners finally made a decision last Wednesday night on its separation agreement with former chief I. David Daniels, who stepped away from his post on August 6 amidst controversy with Local 2950 and never returned.

After an additional 30 minutes was required from the board on Wednesday, it went like this: Board member Clint Olson moved to direct counsel to prepare a separation agreement concerning the former chief with a six-month severance package and educational benefits not to exceed $9,500.

Said board member Bob Miller during discussion: "I think the additional three months ... I’m comfortable with. David did everything we asked of him ...We hope to go forward with positive actions dealing with (interim) Chief (Mark) Chubb. We look forward to working with the union to get the district on track and deal with current issues such as tax levels, service delivery and continuity of service ... to continue the quality of service this district is known for and has continually developed."

Said board member Gerry Vucci, who reiterated Miller’s response: "There are a lot of talented people here: administration, staff and firefighters ... We need to move forward to make this the best place to work that we can."

Said board member Olson: "I believe Chief Daniels brought us a lot of good talent and a lot of good information ... a lot of knowledge ... and I think this (package) will serve him well."

Board chair Tim Osgood later clarified what was meant by "educational benefits" for Daniels, who hinted to this reporter he might retire.

"While he has been employed here since day one he has been a doctorate student in human resources," he said. "He’s been enrolled in classes and we’ve allowed him, essentially, to finish those classes.

"We feel that’s a reasonable thing to do, to let him finish off his academic year, as per his contract when we hired him."

Daniels and his attorneys, yet to receive the separation agreement, will have the chance to respond accordingly, Osgood said.

According to sources, the Woodinville Fire & Rescue chief has a salary of $160,000.

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