Beer, it's my opinion!

  • Written by Toren Heald, Wedgewood Realty owner and beer lover

Happy 30th birthday Redhook!  Their party was one of the best events they have ever put on.  They had a totally awesome lineup of bands which includes The Tom Tom Club, Psychedelic Furs, and Devo as the headliner.  I know what you all think …that’s not a great lineup, but stay with the theme.  30th birthday; founded in 1981; all the bands were really popular in the ’80s…Ok, now you get it.  For those of us that were in junior high through college during the ‘80s you would undoubtedly know most of the music. If anyone has ever been to a Redhook event in the past you might not have wanted to attend because the food and beer lines were too long.  Last year at Sausage Fest I waited for 45 minutes to get a beer but I’m glad to announce Redhook listened closely to careful criticism to make this birthday celebration a real success. With close to 4,000 people in attendance I never had to wait for food or drink.  As the night went on the only thing that started to form a line was the port-a-potties.   This is typical in most beer rich environments; the lines for the restrooms always get longer later in the evening.  If you would like to theorize why please send your comments to the editor.

Even though it rained for the entire Devo set, that was truly the best performance of the evening. I’m not just saying that because I had a cassette tape in high school; they really put on a great show.  For those who missed it, too bad!  You will just have to see what they do for their 40th B-day bash.

As for the Beer portion of my column; Redhook had their Extra Special Birthday Beer on tap and it is surprisingly good.  If you read about the beer before trying a sip you might be convinced to just have something more familiar.   I call it Redhook’s Banana Beer because the yeast that is used brings out an essence of banana flavor. See what I mean; bananas and beer is a WTF (watch the fridge) moment but it’s like bacon and peanut butter, seems weird but very tasty.  Be aware, there were no bananas in the brewing process.  This birthday concoction is rich and malty with audacious hops and has a delicious dark red color. You may be able to find it at your local grocer in the 22-oz. bottle or on draft at the Forecaster’s Pub in Woodinville. It’s worth a try — you may be surprised and really enjoy.


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