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Photo by Maltby Photography.
Approximately 144 excited kids arrived early Friday morning at Saint Edward Park in Bothell to experience what life has to offer in an outdoor classroom.   Kids who usually spend their days in a traditional indoor classroom were able to experience learning in the beautiful natural setting.

The Woodmoor Elementary PACE Program (Parents Active in Cooperative Education) offers many unique learning opportunities.  For Outdoor Education Day, kids were given the chance to learn how to create their own box oven and enjoy the tasty pizzas they cooked with adult supervision.

The Sarvey Wildlife Center brought owls, falcons, hawks and other birds. There was a woodworking station, a live bat station and a geology table.

The Seattle Science Center allowed the kids to learn about rocks created by volcanoes and observe a model volcano in action.

Tours were guided on the trail to allow children to learn about the watershed.The Eastside Audubon Society was also there to give the kids an introduction to birds.

When there was down time during lunch, PACE parent Eric Stray was on hand with a sound system, allowing any child who was interested to dance in the grass.

Kids of all ages came to celebrate a day they will not soon forget — one filled with learning and surrounded by their peers.

Outdoor Education Day Coordinators Heather Stanley and Shannon Cortinas, along with many other parent volunteers, worked countless hours to bring this fantastic event to fruition.  Was it worth it?

Just ask the kids who are still proudly wearing their PACE wristbands and talking about the adventures of that day and probably will do so for years to come.

The Woodmoor PACE Program is a choice program offered through the Northshore School District.  Placement is by blind lottery, open to children ingrades 1-6 (space permitting).

PACE is committed to an enriched learning environment, emphasizing active participation of parents, innovative teaching techniques, and creating a partnership of teachers, parents and students.  PACE at Woodmoor Feeder schools include: Canyon Creek, Fernwood, Maywood, Moorlands and Woodmoor Elementary schools.

PACE at Woodmoor is hosting an information evening on Tuesday, October 18, at 7 p.m.

For additional information, call (206) 861-5692 and visit the website at

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