Cooler fall temperatures illuminate water/mold issues in kitchen, bathroom and furnace room

  • Written by Craig Hawkins of EnviroShield
October is traditionally the busiest month of the year for Craig Hawkins and his team of water and mold remediation specialists.  Craig says the cooler temperatures return our focus to inside and the most common living areas.  It’s also often the first time that the summer dormant furnace rumbles back to life.  We asked Craig to help us keep an eye out for the most common areas to have suffered water and mold issues:

Question:  You mentioned October is your busiest month. What is the most common issue customers’ face?

Craig: Kitchen issues.  You now notice water leaks and moldy smells with the doors and windows closed.  A typical problem is a leaky waterline attached to a dishwasher, refrigerator or sink.

Another major area of course is the bathroom.  Waterline leaks behind the toilet and underneath the sink.

Question:  Mention the word furnace and some of us grimace while picturing the beast in the dungeon.  Do I really need to go near it?

Craig:  Actually, you do.  The potential gremlin is the chance of a water leak in the crawl space.

Unbeknownst to most of us, a majority of the furnace ventilation systems go through that space. We often have no idea there is a problem until now when the beast roars to life.  Check for any funny smells that could be caused by water and mold in the crawl space.

Question: If I do discover a problem, how do I choose a water/mold damage company?

Craig: The first step is to call your insurance company and also a water damage company.

I would use this checklist:

1.    Guarantee — Most water damage companies will not offer any guarantee to remove mold damage.

2.    Experience  — Most water damage companies do not have the certification, training and experience to remove mold damage.

3.    Containment — A 1-inch by 1-inch area of mold creates millions of spores that are released into the air during the cleaning process, which can be very dangerous to the health of everyone in the home.

Only water damage companies that utilize what’s called a Negative Air System to contain the contaminated air are able to prevent health issues.

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