Police Beat - Oct. 31, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports


What do most people do when their car is stolen?  In the case of one would-be victim, the natural course of action was to wander around the rear of a nearby house and attempt to remove the bathroom window screen, ostensibly in case the car was stashed in the bathtub.

Apparently, this procedure did not lead to the recovery of the rifled roadster, so our injured party attempted the same action again at another abode.

This time, the outcome was in the form of a hostile homeowner who wasn’t buying his story.

It was a miraculous outcome for all, as the missing motorcar suddenly materialized in the form of a dark green sedan in front of the house.

Our recipient of the supernatural sped off into the sunset without leaving so much as a pillar of salt behind. Miracles are seldom caught on tape, but this is one for the ages, as a neighbor’s surveillance camera provided video evidence of the entire event.  Hallelujah!


Why oh why can’t a guy park his car in front of a nail salon without looking suspicious? Well, if the nail salon is closed, and an alert officer checks your tags to discover you’re a known convicted burglary felon, your need for that pink and white fill may come into question. Sure enough, the officer’s flashlight beam caught the startled orbs of a perp peeking back at him from behind the counter.

Making a run for it, our manicure-deprived maniac and his accomplice attempted a rear-entry exit, only to execute an about face and crash through the front door.

A smooth escape requires grace, and exhibiting none, suspect one was immediately apprehended after a sloppy half gainer down the embankment.

Thinking he had escaped the long arm of the law, suspect two made it to his car, speeding  away without benefit of vehicular roadway illumination.

Like a scene from Tru TV, number two decided to bail the car, abort the clean getaway and hide in the woods.

Nobody could follow that trail, right?  Except maybe an able-nosed K-9 assistant. This manic mani-pedi expedition ended in a booking into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.


Some criminals exercise absolutely no manners at all. After making his refreshment selections without any intention of paying, a confrontation with the store security officer resulted in a punch instead of an apology. This breach of etiquette has now resulted in a charge of misdemeanor theft and assault.


A dysfunctional driver embarked on a three-city spree of spreading terror in the streets, threatening life, limb and paw.  A Woodinville officer attempted to pull over the lunatic for his reckless ways, but safety concerns prevailed, and our scoundrel sped away, hell bent for leather.

It was later determined the same vehicle had been pulled over earlier by Kenmore PD and the driver had been ticketed.

Bothell Police also attempted to stop the car earlier, but did not engage in a pursuit.

Rumor has it our speed demon was late for his driver’s ed class.

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