Suspicious strangers reported in town

  • Written by Don Mann

Last week Woodinville police received reports of suspicious activity in the Lake Leota and Cottage Lake areas involving one or more adult males approaching Woodinville residences in three separate incidents.

According to Woodinville Police Chief Sydney Jackson, one citizen in the 170th Avenue/ NE 195 Street area reported a suspicious person at their door looking for “yard work for extra money.” The subject was described as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s, 5’ 11” and about 175 lbs., dark hair with several scabs on the right side of his face. An unfamiliar dark sedan was seen down the street with a driver inside.

In another report west of Cottage Lake, a white male subject rang a doorbell twice and then looked surprised when the resident answered.

He claimed to be looking for downtown Woodinville. An unfamiliar black 1990s Honda was parked close by.

In yet another report, Jackson said, an adult male claiming to have found a tan-colored pit bull with a bright pink collar the night before knocked on the door of a residence at 170th Avenue/ NE 203rd Street, up a long private driveway, asking if the dog belonged to her. The man claimed he was letting the dog lead him back to its home.

No crimes have been committed, the police chief said.

Jackson added that any suspicious behavior, persons or vehicles should be reported to the police immediately so they have a chance to contact and identify them while they’re still in the area.

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