Beer: It’s my opinion!

  • Written by Toren Heald, Wedgewood Realty owner and beer lover
Two years ago I stopped by the Black Raven Brewery with a friend of mine.

Our kids were having a play date and after some vigorous play we thought we would try out what at the time was a fairly new brewery.   That’s right, I said play date. This is what men do when we are asked to “watch the kids” without the supervision of our wives.   Dads on their own are probably fine, but together we are bound to get in trouble.  So, two dads and four children stormed doors of Black Raven at 11:50 a.m. only to find out they didn’t open until noon. So we waited. Yes, yes, I know 11:50.  We were going to have lunch and try a beer — not too unusual. At 12 o’clock the door was opened and a flood of toddlers went scattering in every direction like scared screaming rats.

We were greeted by a nice young woman who saw our mess of kids everywhere and said kindly: “Sir, kids are not allowed here.”

I explained we just wanted to have some lunch and try a delicious brew and asked where is the dining section?   She was very classy and let me know that they don’t serve food, but they do let people order pizza from Flying Saucer Pizza to eat in the pub.

“Terrific,” I said. “Pizza and a pint it will be!

Now starting to get mildly annoyed with all these children tearing up the place, she said: “I’m sorry sir, this is a 21 year and older establishment.” 

Finally the light went on, we had to go.  Our disappointed children heard we had to go and started crying and throwing a tantrum. Oh wait, that was me.

I had my friend start herding the cats or at least that was it looked like he was doing, while I had them pour me a growler to go.

By the way, had I taken the time to review the Black Raven website (you know, the one I looked up the address on) I would have found out what time they opened, that they didn’t have food and didn’t allow children.

Oh well. I’m sure my wife will be rolling her eyes in the back of her head at me when she reads this. After that whole story, I wish I could report on the beer in my growler but I’m not sure what it was and the recipe has probably changed.  I did stop in last weekend for a pint and a couple samples only to find out the same thing I already knew — they make great beer.

I just had a sample of the Totem Pale Ale (IBU 38, ABV 5.8) and it was very good with a nice citrus hop essence —   very smooth, great beer any time but especially if you are watching the kids at 11:50 in the morning. I then went with a pint of the Trickster Northwest IPA (IBU 68, ABV 6.8). This beer has won several awards.  Shhh. I know the secret for the success of this brew. It’s delicious!  With a list of hop variety a mile long, you know it’s got my vote.  Finally, I had a sample of Schwarzeit Black Pilsner (IBU 37, ABV 5.9).  This was a must-try sample and I’m getting thirsty just writing about it. Dark in color but light in flavor, it has a rich malty flavor but is well balanced by a hoppy bitter flavor — off to get a growler of this different but incredibly good beer.

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Happy drinking, Sláinte!

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