Riverview highlights Karen Hough

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

After teaching for years in the Riverview School District, Karen Hough is currently Riverview Informational Technology Integration Specialist for the Secondary Level. Courtesy photo.
Karen Hough has worked in the Riverview School District since1982. She began her career  as an in- home tutor for a student at Tolt Jr/Sr High School.  She was later hired at Cherry Valley Elementary as a classroom music specialist.  Karen taught classroom and choral music at Cherry Valley for 10 years.  She commented that  she carries very special memories with her of the staff and students from her years spent at Cherry Valley.

Mrs. Hough began teaching at Tolt Middle School  (TMS) when the Tolt Jr/Sr High transitioned and became Tolt Middle School, as a classroom teacher from 1992-2008.

Over the years, Karen  taught the core subjects of 6th and 7th grade language arts/social studies, as well as a variety of elective classes including 6th, 7th, 8th grade technology. During that time, she  earned her master’s degree in educational technology, which led her to her  current position as Riverview Informational Technology Integration Specialist for the Secondary Level.

Karen says, “What a fun and invigorating position this is! I absolutely love my job!”

As a child, Karen always wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. When she played “school,” (which was a lot), she was always the “teacher.”  She adds, “I practiced my skills on my poor brothers and all of the neighborhood children.”

Both of Karen’s parents instilled in her a love of reading and a love for  learning new things. She also had several teachers in her life who made a HUGE impact... her 3rd and 5th grade teachers, and her high school band and Spanish teachers as well.

“Each spoke into my life and caused me to want to emulate them, and as a result, I too became a teacher,” she adds proudly.

When asked about thefavorite part of her current job, Karen says, “It is seeing the “Ah, ha!” moments that each individual has (adult or child) once they “get” a concept or process related to what they are learning/working on.”

She also loves learning new things, and her present position pushes her to continually learn something new every day.

Karen has been teaching for such a long time, that she has  MANY cherished/funny memories that have occurred, but one she says stands out above all others … As a newly graduated, unmarried, brand new, 21-year-old teacher, she was shocked the first few times her kindergarten students would slip and call her “Mom.” Since that time however, she has  been called “mom” and “grandma” more times than she can count.  She adds, “I consider it a compliment that my students are secure enough with me to let “mom” slip out from time to time.”

Karen proudly adds, “ I’ve been married to the same wonderful man (Vern) for 33 years. We have lived in Carnation for the last 30 of our total years together. Both of our grown children, Jody, now an elementary teacher (teaching in Brazil), and Casey (an EMT) are products of the Riverview School District. We have always considered ourselves blessed to live in such an awesome and beautiful place.”

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