Riverview School District celebrates PTA volunteers and the 2011-2012 Riverview PTSA Council

  • Written by Valley View Staff

The “school year”  schedules are busy for any school age child, parent and parent volunteer, and that is most definitely true for the PTA officers and volunteers at each Riverview school building.

Every year at each building PTA/PTSA volunteers provide their school with thousands of volunteer hours engaging in activities such as: one-on-one reading time with students, sponsoring community service events,  fund raising and providing grants for school needs, sponsoring meaningful and educational after school activities, providing access to leadership training for officers/members, organizing auctions and sharing their amazing culinary skills with building staff numerous times a year... just to name a few.

This year our district is fortunate to have an additional group of volunteers working tirelessly on behalf of students and families throughout our district.  This added group is the newly created Riverview PTSA Council Board.

In September the council held its first general meeting – a “Meet and Greet”  at the newly constructed Riverview Learning Center which is located next to the RSD main office building.

The 2011/12  council board is made up of two co-presidents: Jennifer Fisher and Kim Lisk, two co-vice presidents: Sandy Aitken and Leanne Christensen,  secretary: Kimberly McBride, treasurer: Shelby Winston, legislative chairperson: Jack Bradley and co-Reflections chairpersons: Courtney Peters and Christine Tapert.

The PTA Council is an additional group of board members who work with each of the local units and the Washington State PTA.

The council is a focusing group for district-wide issues, bringing the “big picture”  into view for everyone involved, and also helps to build partnerships with other organizations to maximize resources.

The newly appointed council will meet monthly throughout the school year, with additional meetings attended by representatives from each of the local unit PTAs in Riverview.  These meetings will bring a united voice, and collective communications from the Riverview PTAs directly to other Region II PTA leaders and the Washington State PTA, and allow for many local training opportunities for all PTA members.

During the first general meeting, the council board and representatives from each RSD PTA were joined by Superintendent Conrad Robertson and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith, and given an in-depth tour of the Riverview Learning Center, the district’s newest and most progressive educational facility.

During the tour PTA members were impressed to see the many high-tech features including educational elements such as teaching walls,  innovative art and science rooms and the creative flexibility of the lunch/drama/indoor sports room. This building now houses the PARADE Home School Program, and two other RSD alternative programs,  C.H.O.I.C.E. and C.L.I.P.

Most recently PTA local unit and council leaders were invited by the RSD School Board to attend a roundtable meeting with the entire  board of directors.

The roundtable format allowed for each building PTA to share their ideas, concerns and needs with the school board in an inclusive and informal setting; also giving the school board an opportunity to explain in detail the district’s mission, policies and procedures,  and  to provide a comprehensive overview of their  jobs, not only within the district, but in the community and at the state level as well.

Riverview schools are extremely fortunate to have over 1,000 parents sharing their time and talents through PTA sponsored programs, working both in and out of the classroom each and every year bringing a high level of teacher and student support, innovative programs and an tremendous passion for learning.

Riverview Superintendent Conrad Robertson says, “The students and staff members of Riverview School District truly benefit from the volunteer hours and fund raising efforts of our dedicated parents. The local PTAs enhance the quality of education in our schools. We are also excited about the newly organized Riverview PTSA Council and believe that our students will benefit from their work.”

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