Winter Storms – Let’s Be Ready Together

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

KENMORE–In Kenmore, winter can bring heavy rain, high winds, ice and snow. The city starts preparing for winter weather in the summer by training staff, preparing equipment and working with local agency partners.

The City of Kenmore contracts for public works services with the City of Lake Forest Park. The two cities share eight trucks for treating snow and ice conditions. Four trucks have sanders/spreaders and plows, two trucks have de-icers and plows, and two trucks have plows. During a snow and ice event, maintenance crews will switch to two 12-hour shifts to ensure 24-hour coverage. The goal is to provide the safest driving conditions possible to the public.

Snow and ice crews will focus on primary routes first, including arterials, bus routes, and designated emergency routes. Once the primary routes are able to be left in a safe condition, attention will turn to secondary and residential streets. Crews will continue to work around the clock as long as snow and ice conditions exist.

When high winds or heavy rain are forecast, our crews are ready to remove the fallen trees from the road. If wires are on the ground, the proper agencies will be contacted.

Be a Good Neighbor

You are part of the team, too! Your participation and awareness can help.

•   Clear your sidewalk and nearby street drains of leaves. Do not remove the grate from the storm drain opening – this does not unclog the system and creates a hazard for everyone. Place your leaves in a yard waste container or compost bin, not in the street.

• When snow falls, shovel your sidewalk and driveway. If you have neighbors who have difficulty shoveling snow, consider cleaning theirs too.

• Businesses and building managers should shovel sidewalks outside their locations so customers and employees can get around.

• If you must drive, make sure windows are clear and the snow is brushed from the entire car.

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