Little change in elections from last week

  • Written by Don Mann
It’s still unofficial, but the election is over. A done deal. No significant change from day one on November 8 in any category. And not even close, despite what the blogs tell you. There is a certain truth in election statistics if you read them accurately.

If you tuned in and listened closely, you could hear Jeff Glickman say it himself in subtle passing during Woodinville’s last city council meeting: “I’m gonna be departing here in essentially two more meetings...” It was no concession speech but it was a proud man publicly coming to grips with reality as best he could.

One hundred eighty-nine votes behind with the proverbial writing on the wall and the meter running.The deputy mayor took his obvious defeat like a good soldier, as late votes drift in like wet snowflakes, and to his credit ran the meeting flawlessly with Mayor Bernie Talmas out of town, with some ease and some humor he seldom expressed in his four-year term, which was marked by his often officious, overbearing and polarizing stance on issues he claimed to know more about than everybody else: he routinely sought to intimidate fellow council members and seemed to have the organic need to prove he was the smartest guy in the room, which is, and will always be, offensive to the people, a lot of smart people who apparently lost their patience and confidence in his personal obstructionism, beating back ideas he didn’t agree with and publicly chastising city staff time and again – creating more work than was necessary.

Fact is, Les Rubstello won the election outright on merit.

Maybe 90 days ago Rubstello, an interloper, was asked why he was taking on Glickman, of all candidates, and his response to this reporter was: Why not?

And to what, 90 days later, did he attribute his strong performance?

Last week he said he “doorbelled” the city one and a half times, and doubted his opponent doorbelled anyone, resting on his moneyed heels in impersonal advertisement.

“It’s my first election and I didn’t really know what to expect,” Les said. “At first I thought if we could keep it close it would be a moral victory. But if we win – great – let’s move forward and get some things done. We can’t afford not to.”

Rubstello did the boot work and won fair and square, which should tilt the proverbial 4-3 vote to those council members in favor of change in the downtown, which is in its umpteenth variation, a lynchpin to its future. Maybe developers will now step to the plate. But you never know. Other obstructionists to change – otherwise known as conservatives –will surely pick up the slack in this proud little hamlet called Woodinville which appeared to fight so hard to be impervious under the current regime.

Election numbers as of Friday, Nov. 18:

Woodinville City Council

Council Position No. 2

Les Rubstello   1655   53%

Jeff Glickman   1466   47%

Council Position No. 4

Scott Hageman   2011   65%

Al Taylor   1078   35%

Council Position No. 6

Liz Aspen   2177   86%

write-in   369   14%

Woodinville Fire & Rescue

Commissioner Position No. 1

Mark Emery   8541   79%

Clint Olson   2199   20%

Woodinville Water District

Commissioner Position No. 1

Karen Steeb   6893   60%

Jack Vermeulen   4619   40%

Commissioner Position No. 5

Ken Goodwin   6216   54%

Hank Stecker   5205   45%

Northshore School District

Director District No. 2

Janet Quinn   16,537   52%

Joe Marshall   15,330   48%

Director District No. 3

Dawn McCravey   17,540   54%

BZ (Sundstrom) Davis   14,946   46%

Bothell City Council

Council Position No. 2

Andy Rheaume   5325   61%

Adam Branch   3417   39%

Council Position No. 4

Bill Evans   5607   65%

Nicholas Carlson   2966   34%

Council Position No. 6

Mark Lamb   5729   62%

Tris Samberg   3441   37%

Kenmore City Council

Council Position No. 1

Brent Smith   4492   98%

write-in   83   2%

Council Position No. 3

Milton Curtis   4367   98%

write-in   97   2%

Council Position No. 5

David Baker   4270   97%

write-in   142   3%

Council Position No. 7

Glenn Rogers   3183   55%

John Hendrickson   2571   45%

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