Police Beat - Nov. 28, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Smoke and a Purse

A shopper went into a business in the 14200 block of Woodinville Duvall Road and left her purse in her unlocked car.

While one could spend some time pondering the mysteries of what one could possibly be shopping for without said purse, as most purchases require the kind of remuneration normally found in purses, I digress.  When she returned to her car, she noticed the aroma of smoke. Perhaps a cigarette butt had stuck to the bottom of her shoe? (This happened to me recently.)

Maybe it was an odor emanating from another motorist’s rolled down window? The entire ride was spent contemplating the possibilities of the origin of this tobacco effluvium.  When she went to grab her purse to continue the rumination inside, she came up empty handed. Austin Powers (or some other thief) had gone for the smoke and a the purse.

Getting Tired

The holidays are just beginning and people are already tired—as in slash tired.

While the majority of holiday makers are stringing lights and mistletoe, shopping or getting busy with the baking, some person or persons has been busy in the most decidedly un-merry mode of slashing tires.

In three separate instances which may or may not be related, tires on cars on NE 140th, NE 180th and NE 185th, were slashed. The only suspect reported so far was seen exiting a blue sports car with a spoiler, and was attired in a hoodie and orange shorts. Crimes of fashion aside, someone needs to get their Santa on and start cutting loose with the holiday instead of tires.

Lock It or Lose It

Bicycle locks are much more effective when you use them.   This lesson was learned the hard way by a victim in the 17900 block of 140th Lane NE, when he returned to where he had left his bicycle outside the apartment with the lock around the bike, but not fastened. The bike was gone so fast, there wasn’t even a hint of a vapor trail left behind. At least make them put some effort into it…

Lock It and Lose It Anyway

Sometimes, you can take all available precautions and a determined thief will get their booty anyway.

A padlock was cut from the victim’s gate surrounding a rental yard in the 13600 block of NE 177th Place.  A company truck was stolen, but while the officer was taking the report, Seattle PD found the truck abandoned in their city.  Joy ride over.

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