Carol Hall - Inspiring and ‘always true’

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Carol Hall. Courtesy photo
Carol Hall has been teaching in the Riverview School District since 1974, when she was hired as a substitute teacher.

It was also the same year that she was offered the job of coaching the first High School girls varsity basketball team at what was then Tolt High School.

The following year she began teaching full time as an eighth grade block language arts/math/social studies teacher. She was also teaching ninth grade language arts.

Carol recalls her early years in education with pleasure, as she truly enjoyed the experience of teaching speech and Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the combination of junior high/high school events, including the homecoming parades and hugely popular Tolt track meets.

Through the years she has taught Washington state history, 7th grade life science and P.E. She also coached girls varsity high school basketball, junior high girls basketball, been an advisor for high school ASB and the high school cheerleaders.

Currently she teaches health and science to Tolt Middle School 6th graders and has been the gym activity supervisor for the past eight years.

Prior to Riverview, Carol taught 5th grade in Caro, Mich.

She shares: “ I was one of the very lucky graduates from Central Michigan University to land a job right out of college!”

Carol’s inspiration to become a teacher began in her teens with many positive one-on-one relationships with children through years and years of babysitting and her participation in the Head Start summer program while in high school.

She remembers always genuinely enjoying spending quality time with young people.

When asked about her favorite part of being a teacher, Carol replied: “  I love my students’ energy, their spirit and their day-to-day talk. I also love to connect by sharing stories that represent my life experiences — some funny, some sad and like I tell my students always TRUE!

A most memorable and funny teaching experience for Carol happened last year while visiting Timbercrest Junior High School (a protocol visitation) with a group of her peers.

She accidently slipped on a deodorant container that had fallen out of a student’s backpack while crossing a classroom during a teacher’s presentation. She flew through the air and somehow landed on both feet, then quietly sat down. The teacher who was presenting, didn’t skip a beat, and the young man who retrieved the deodorant said he was sorry.Carol still laughs at her ability to have landed on both feet.

Another unforgettable event happened early in her teaching career at Tolt.

She had an 8th grader come up to her looking very ill and said: “ I feel sick.” A second later the student vomited all over Carol’s slacks (from the knee down).

Carol quickly led the student to the restroom and thought to herself: “and it’s only first period.”

When asked about her future plans, Carol shared that she intends to continue teaching, exercise regularly, laugh often and take one day at a time.

Carol is married to fellow RSD teacher, Doug Hall. Their son, Nick is a physical fitness personal trainer.

Her favorite activity (when not teaching) is spending quality time with her family and friends.

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