How does Santa keep his back healthy for Christmas?

  • Written by Dr. John P. Monahan, PT, DPT, Quality Care Physical Therapy, Inc.
Since Santa needs to travel a lot for Christmas he needs to keep his back flexible and strong.  He will need to keep his hips and hamstrings loose as he travels.  For his long sleigh rides he may pull his knees to his chest and hold for one minute to stretch his buttock taking tension out of his low back.

Another great stretch is wrapping his hands together in front of his knee while sitting in his sleigh and pushing his knee away with his arms stretched out straight, stretching and rounding his back out.

Again he would want to hold this stretch for one minute and would never want any stretch to be painful.

This is also a great stretch when he has no back support or if he is sitting on the edge of his seat in his sleigh.

Santa will also benefit with lots of stops on his travels because movement of his spine helps maintain healthy nutrition and flexibility in his discs and joint in his spine.  If Santa ever complains of back pain it will most likely be related to tightness in his back muscles and hamstrings.

Since Santa has to carry a heavy bag of gifts he needs to have strong core muscles.  He will be squeezing his abdominal muscles in anytime he is about to lift and move anything heavy.

He will do a transverses abdominus squeeze which works just like the wide black belt squeezing Santa’s belly.  As this muscle shortens with squeezing inward and pulling the belly in toward the spine, this creates a corset around the spine which provides support and stability for the spine to move in any direction protecting it from injury.

These exercises will help Santa have a merry Christmas.

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