Letters to the Editor - Dec. 19, 2011

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I am happy to respond to the letter of Ashely Hill, an obviously courageous young woman who can articulate some of the problems for young people and the gross trend of helicopter-parenting and supervision here in Woodinville, as well as elsewhere in our country.  Why should this exist?

Why should parents be breathing down the necks of their children?

I had enormous freedoms as a young person 60 years ago.  I walked or biked everywhere myself without any attending parent or supervisor, because the enviornment was considered safe enough for me to do so.

But now even relatively safe communities like Woodinville infantilize their children.

Consider this: When my husband and I landed in Mumbai, India, a cadre of children between ages 8-12 assailed us for handouts as we got off our plane at 2 a.m.

They were not “accompanied by an adult” and I think part of my fascination with India was the freedom of its children to explore the many facets of human existence because their parents were not obsessed with protecting their children.  Or they were incapable of it, to an extent.

That meant to me that I was able to meet wonderful young people, especially girls, through the course of my trip.

I met a charismatic young Indian girl of age 12 or so, who was reaching out to a tourist like me who could grasp what it might mean to reach out to a foreign person and establish a short relationship.

The fetters we place on young people here, to know only those like themselves could blind them to such a relationship (not that we have a huge tourist population other than wine-lovers).

Yet the endeavors of such Indian girls and their down-trodden lives would not even make it into the Woodinville Weekly in print.

The young women across the globe who seek a sense of independence from their upbringing has always given me a sense of purpose and I endorse Ashely Hill’s letter and enquiry into this problem.  I stand with you young women and your grievances.

Nancy Snyder, Woodinville


Isn’t it time for our Woodinville City Council members to start behaving like grown-ups?

How many years have you been working on the “Master Plan,” changing, revising, putting off decision making?

It’s time to make decisions, stick to them and move forward.

You have been putting the lives of the homeowners of Canterbury on hold for years.  We have an interested buyer waiting for you to decide what you want built on this property.

Make the decisions and get on with it.

This prattle about “Northwest woodland character” is absurd.

You are wasting taxpayers’ money and time.

Speaking of money, whatever you council members get paid, it is too much considering your inability to do the job that we, the residents of Woodinville, have elected you to do.

Ginger Buchanan, president, Canterbury Criers Association

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