Police Beat - Dec. 19, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Recalling a Seinfeld episode where Jerry bemoaned the fact that the true art of TAKING a car rental reservation was, in fact, HOLDING the reservation, the following incident sounds familiar: A customer in the 19200 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road expertly executed the TAKING of the rental tools but got confused about RETURNING the rental tools.

A detective will follow up with possible theft charges for our Kramer-esque crook.

Too Legible to be True

An enterprising drug seeker hatched a plot to procure prescriptions of the narcotic kind by purloining a prescription pad from her former employer.

The first clue that the Rx was not legitimate was the fact that it was completely legible.

One can only guess at the humungous quantities ordered up as well.

Woodinville police arrived on the scene to ring up the charge for those painkilling pills: Forgery.

Try scribbling next time.

Triple Dog Dare Redux

A driver in the 19500 block of 156th Avenue NE must have taken a previously reported Police Beat incident to heart and decided to settle, once and for all, the question of whether  a car bumper does indeed stick to a pole when contact is made in freezing temperatures.

The official results are in and the answer is negative.  The pole in question went down and the driver was processed for DUI and released.

Ms. Grinch

Here’s another contender for the most epic-sized lump of coal ever to be found in a Christmas stocking: An unknown female suspect stole the tip jar from a business in the 17600 block of 140th Avenue NE  and ran out the door.

Video of the caper was sent to the North Pole.  Guess who’s being added to the “Naughty” list?

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