New Northshore teachers receive classroom libraries

  • Written by Kristin Austin, Northshore Schools Foundation co-president
Elizabeth Settle, Moorlands Elementary first grade teacher. Courtesy photo.
So begins the adventure for 19 new Northshore teachers and their elementary students courtesy of the Northshore Schools Foundation. The foundation recently granted the Northshore School District $20,000 to purchase classroom libraries for new teachers in the district. Classroom foundational sets provide a valuable resource for teachers and are an important part of the new literacy curriculum.

Teachers picked up the books on December 14, concluding their first trimester of teaching with a welcome addition to their classrooms

Students returning to their classrooms in January will have access to a variety of new fiction and non-fiction books geared to many different reading levels. Each student will have access to books that are “just right” for them, neither too difficult nor too easy. Classroom libraries are a staple for veteran teachers, providing a rich resource that allows teachers to share a variety of genres, authors and topics with students while encouraging students to read independently and more frequently.

The Northshore Schools Foundation has established five funding initiatives and granted the money to the district as part of their focus to help fund literacy curriculum enhancement. Recognizing the importance of robust classroom libraries as an important part of a full, balanced literacy curriculum, the foundation was pleased to help new teachers begin building classroom libraries. The grant allowed the district to purchase over 5,700 books.

Each teacher received approximately 300 books.

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