Weddings in Woodinville

  • Written by Jennifer Taylor
Another year, another award-winning wedding show!

The most important aspect of planning a wedding is hiring the proper professionals to ensure your day flows smoothly from start to finish.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a distraught bride arrive late to her own wedding because her “trusted friend” assigned to car duty didn’t show up on time, or the embarrassment a family suffers when their do-it-yourself iPod playlist fails to fill the dance floor or someone hits the wrong button for the ceremony processional.

There is no faster way to sink your ship and undermine all the hard work put into your wedding by cutting corners where vendors are concerned.

You may think it’s not in your budget but you will be surprised to know working with professional vendors is likely to save money in the long-run! Your vendors will use their knowledge and expertise to fulfill your particular needs and will work tirelessly to produce your perfect day without the worry and drama of juggling everything on your own.

How do we differ from other wedding shows?

Weddings in Woodinville vendors participate by invitation only so you experience a balanced and well-rounded selection of the top professionals in their field.

Our vendors work together to create a cohesive vision of an actual wedding from start to finish, rather than being confined to an individual booth. Dedicated wedding planners are hand-picked to design an exclusive theme for each location with a focus on highlighting the unique features of the venue as well as the key assets of every individual vendor.

Wine tasting is the perfect complement for wedding planning!

Woodinville is perhaps best known for its collection of premier Washington wineries and continues to be a popular destinations for both local and out-of-town visitors year round.

Perhaps the most luxurious aspect to Weddings in Woodinville is the opportunity to be chauffeured through wine country in style and comfort with wine tasting at every stop!

Stuart Butler
Butler Valet & Transportation
January 29, 2012
Start of show and registration at Woodhouse Wine Estate VIP tickets show start at 10:30 Regular tickets show start at 11:30 Ticket pricing from $40-$75
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