Letters to the Editor - Jan. 23, 2012

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I want to give a huge thank you to the riders, the volunteers and a handful of kind strangers who helped make the 5th annual Stinky Spoke a success on January 14.

For the first time, the weather really lived up to the event name!

For the riders, many of you repeat participants, we appreciate your participation and the funds raised for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center through your registration fees.

The volunteers make the whole day possible, this year suffering along with the riders in the driving sleet and snow.

Special thanks goes out to the folks at the Redmond Rotary who carted multiple soaked and frozen riders and bikes back from their support stop to Redhook after getting caught in the sudden weather change.

The last thanks go out to a few people that never intended to participate in the day.

They’re a few of the homeowners along the route that were kind enough to take in a few of the riders who were miserably cold and couldn’t ride on to the end.

Hopefully everyone had fun watching a football game and getting to know each other until family or friends came to retrieve them!

As always, we appreciate the willingness of the community to tolerate all the riders on the trails for a few hours each year.

This is a hugely important fundraiser for Little Bit, and it’s a unique opportunity to join together two communities of riders (bikes and horses) that can have challenges coexisting on those trails at times.

Thank you!

Todd Cowles, Director, Stinky Spoke, Board of Directors, Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center


The governor recently announced her support of marriage equality.

For decades our country has struggled with discrimination in many forms.

I am proud that our state has a past of joining together to support equality for women, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and religions.

Now is the time to support marriage for all families with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Separate but equal is yet another form of discrimination.

For many people, I know this is a very sensitive issue. I have received many letters, emails and phone calls for and against marriage equality legislation.

An overwhelming amount of constituents have sided with my own belief, that all Washington citizens deserve the chance to be equal under the law.

We are free to believe whatever we choose, however we must take steps to ensure we live in a state and world where our laws protect human rights for all.

A main concern I have heard is the right to religious freedom.

The proposed marriage equality bill includes an important exemption for religious organizations and clergy to continue to exercise religious freedom.

In the past, I have supported civil unions, domestic partnerships and the efforts of Senator Ed Murray to stand up for equality for same sex couples.

We as legislators must be vigilant about protecting all of our citizens against discrimination.

I support marriage equality and have signed my name onto this long overdue legislation to ensure all of our children grow up in a society that truly promotes equality.

Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, D — Bothell


I would like to thank Woodinville Fire & Rescue for the excellent service I received on Friday, January 20, 2012.

After sitting 24 hours in the cold in my home, I was dealing with the health impacts of the cold and knew that I needed leave the house.

I was blocked by the snow and ice and could not drive to a safer location.

I reached my safe limit and called 911.

It was the first time in my life that I have ever called 911.  At first I was very frustrated in trying to get help.

But eventually I was transferred to the fire department.

That is when I got excellent assistance.

At the fire department Greg Garat kindly took my call and assured me that help would be soon on the way.

Within 20 minutes fireman Seth Merritt showed up at my door.  He led me out the steep driveway to his vehicle.

He transported me to a friend’s home where I could stay and get warm and recuperate.

Without the prompt assistance by Greg and Seth, I would have been in dire straights.

I would like to express my great respect and appreciation to the Woodinville Fire Department for their assistance.

Both Greg and Seth should be commended for their great, prompt, and kind attention in helping me during this health/storm crisis.

Robert Moore, Woodinville

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