Bear Creek Elementary explores ancient art of mosaics

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Bear Creek Alli and Laura
Alli and Laura check their work. Courtesy photo.
There are nine eager, energetic and enthusiastic young people at Bear Creek Elementary learning the ancient art of mosaics.

The Creative Arts Program (CAP), sponsored by the PTA, is in full swing at this local elementary school and the unique creations of these 4th – 6th graders are as interesting and vibrant as the students who are creating them.

“The medium of mosaics is extremely difficult to master and it requires more than just an artistic mind – it’s as much creative as it is mechanical,” said their teacher Patty Franklin. “I have been teaching mosaics for several years, but working with this young age group was a new experience for me — I’m impressed, very impressed.”

The primary glass cutting tool that Franklin uses is called a double wheeled nipper.  She describes it as a spring-loaded pair of scissors with sharp edged wheels instead of blades.

“It requires focused eye-hand coordination and strength of hand to use properly.”

Patty took one pair to the first class just to demonstrate. She saw how the students were eager to use the tool and were handling it with no problem.By the second class, she had nine pairs available (along with safety goggles) so that each could fully explore cutting the glass to fit their design.  “These kids are doing some very precise cutting that is equal to my adult students,” Franklin commented.

As the class continues, the students will not only be working on their independent projects, but will also be working together on a mural.

Patty will be talking to local non-profits and business owners to find the perfect spot to install their work of art.

“This mosaic mural will be bursting with color and will represent a beloved icon of Woodinville — hot air balloons.”

Anyone interested in having this mural installed can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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