Woodinville Montessori School students shake hands with history

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Shakespeare, Galileo, Minamoto Yoritomo, King Arthur, Melisende, Fibonacci and Montezuma were some of the guests attending a historical dinner at Woodinville Montessori School on Thursday, January 26.

The event was the culmination of upper elementary study of famous characters from the Middle Ages.

Life-sized sculptures of these historical characters filled the room. Tables were adorned with placemats visually expressing the accomplishments of these heroes, intricate portraits, elegant candlesticks and more.

For dinner, visitors were served information on the lives of these characters from the Middle Ages.  The stories were truly captivating and informative.

As in all great dinner parties, there was attention paid to the details in planning, presentation and guest list

But the most important ingredient came from the students: motivation, organization, imagination and creativity.

For several months WMS students in the 4th– 6th grades have been researching their characters and writing reports.

They especially enjoyed creating paper mache heads of their historical characters during art class.  Using their ingenuity and creativity, students took the heads, added facial features and continued to build these life-sized figures.

The only requirement was for the figure to sit independently.  Some used dowels, chicken wire, or even an old lamp stand to create a base, and lots of recycled newspaper and old nylons to create arms, legs and torso.

Students added clothing, props and accoutrements, handmade or readymade, to further identify their characters.

This study of the Middle Ages and the final presentation gave students the opportunity to shake hands with history and discover fascinating connections between people of different times and places.  Integrating writing and art with all curriculum areas provides a very powerful outlet for creativity and personal expression.

WMS Upper Elementary students are now looking forward to their next unit of study, the Vikings.

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