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  • Written by Isabella Diefendorf, Special to the Weekly

Isabella2I am 10 years old.

I have moved four times; the first was when I was about six months old.. I moved from New York to the Pacific Northwest, where I would spend the next nine years, growing, learning and raising chickens.

Then we moved to the Bahamas, which was an educational experiment that failed.

The plane ride to the Caribbean was brutal, almost two whole days on three different planes behind crying infants and fat men who took up two seats. (I would not recommend the experience).

But all the while I persevered; the destination was worth it, I thought.  My sister, Sofia, and I were going to attend school there for one whole year. My family had built a house and all was perfect. In the morning I would bike about a half mile to school, come home for lunch and go back at 1:30 for the afternoon sessions.

I was tricked by the teachers time and time again.

“Study your notes,” they would say and continue with “hint, hint, there’s a special something tomorrow!” So we would all go home and study and the next day, no test!

Then, a girl in Sofia’s  class actually got smacked with a ruler.

My parents were appalled and we only stayed two months.

Then we caught the plane to Florida.

My last move was the  most recent, from the Bahamas to Florida. I can tell you, the two are VERY different. My teacher doesn’t threaten fictitious tests and smack little girls.

I like Florida a whole lot better.

Also, my new school is better than I could’ve ever hoped for. It’s the size of a college campus with swimming pools, soccer fields and all.

They don’t stop there, they have crazy electives like TV production in an elementary school, for instance.

Compared to the soccer players of Washington state, the players in Florida are a bit wimpy.

Most don’t even go outside when it’s only slightly misting. That’s nothing compared to what we Northwesterners are used to.

Speaking of soccer, I want to say hi to my old team, The Blue Cheetahs!

Hi, coach Chuck and hi Sarah-Ann and Mackenzie and Alaina and Emilys A, B and E, and hi everyone! I miss you all.

One of the things I don’t miss is shivering at the bus stop on a cold winter’s morning in Bellevue.

Instead, I am basking in the warm sun like it’s summer. Ahhhh. In fact we are going through a cold front in Florida right now. Sixty degrees! Everyone get your ski jackets and mittens out! Sixty degree cold front.

People in Florida surely do NOT know what bad weather is. Not like us.

But I do miss the towering, snow-dusted evergreens and the grass that sparkles with frozen morning dew.

I love Florida and Washington both.

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