SVCN says goodbye to Executive Director Kristy Trione

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Kristy Trione is moving to Costa Rica. Courtesy photo.
Kristy Trione, who just finished her last month as executive director of the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, will be starting a new adventure in her life as she and her husband will be practicing organic farming on 30 acres in southern Costa Rica.

Kristy left the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network at the end of January. She is excited to have the opportunity for all things new: a new language, a new culture and an exciting new work experience!

Kristy was hired as the staff director of the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network in December of 2001, after having served the network as a board member. Her passion for the mission and vital work of the Network increased with every passing year, as did her dedication to the health and welfare of families throughout our communities. She has been the public face of the Network for 10 years; visiting with legislators to give voice to youth and families and working with various partners in the community to ensure youth and families are a priority in planning prevention education and events.

The board of directors recognized Kristy for her commitment to strengthen the community, her integrity and her dedication to the youth of Snoqualmie Valley.

As executive director, Kristy was instrumental to increasing the Network’s capacity to create a more connected and healthier community in both the upper and lower Snoqualmie Valley. She shared, “I am so very impressed with the high level of functioning in the board and staff of the Network ... each individual is a strong leader serving with heart and integrity.  I have always appreciated the sense of community and commitment from our board and staff, and I know that the Network will continue to grow and flourish following my departure.  The work matters and it makes a difference.”

When asked about his work with the Network and Kristy over the years, Riverview School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith stated, “I have known Kristy since 1994 when we worked together on designing the Cedarcrest High School Advisory Period Curriculum. As with that effort, her work with Snoqualmie Valley Community Network has been characterized by making a real difference in our children’s lives. I appreciate all of her hard work aimed at improving the safety and wellness of all of our citizens.”

Snoqualmie Valley School Superintendent Joel Aune said, “I have always appreciated Kristy’s efforts with the Snoqualmie Network to partner with the school district in support of our students and their well-being.  As a result of her experience as a parent and school board member, she brought to her work with the Network a unique and comprehensive view that enabled us to work together in harmony – to serve the young people of this community. She was, and is very passionate about this work, which made her an excellent school board member.

“There is no doubt that those attributes and characteristics enabled Kristy to be exceptional in her role as executive director of the Network, as well.  Like many others, I will miss Kristy because of all that she has given to this community.  And like many others, I consider her to be a good friend.  I wish her the very best of luck in the next stage of her life.”

Past Network Board Member Paige Denison added, “Kristy is such an extraordinary human being – she has led the Network by selflessly serving, drilled deep to find resources where seemingly there were none and always brought an unparalleled optimism to the table – what a gift to have worked alongside her!”

The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network honored Kristy on Feb. 1st, during which they celebrated her many accomplishments and wished her well in her new adventure.

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