Letters to the Editor - March 12, 2012

  • Written by Readers

Mayor Talmas:

Not too many months ago your constituents spent over $150,000 of their own money and City of Woodinville spent many thousands more constituents’ tax dollars to win in State Supreme Court against a Wood Trails Subdivision rezone in the Wellington neighborhood.

The intent was not only to uphold the R-1 zone but to keep sewers from invading neighborhoods of R-1.

NOW here we are, faced with a similar yet dissimilar situation.

Again the developer proposes to bring in sewers and develop on lots smaller than an acre.

The difference this time is not by a rezone but by clustering with density transfer credits on lots as small as 12,000 square feet. Do we, your constituents, AGAIN need to go to court and spend another $150,000 of our own money to maintain one acre building sites without sewers in the R-1 zone?

Or will you and the City Council step up to the plate, modify Ordinance 532 for consistency and  require that lots created in R-1 have the minimum size to support on-site septic?

And while you are modifying 532 please modify Woodinville Municipal Code so that sewer hookups in the R-1 zone are not required and households in the R-1 zone with septic systems cannot be required to connect to sewer.

PLEASE modify Ordinance 532 and the Municipal Code and fix the R-1 zone problems once and for all.

We, your constituents, cannot afford to keep fighting battles in court that can easily be resolved by you and members of our City Council.

Thank you,

Phyllis Keller, Woodinville

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