ASK Christian: Woodinville-Based EnviroShield Takes Lead Role to Rescue Foreclosed Homes

  • Written by Craig Hawkins, EnviroShield

We’ve all read the stories regarding the often dilapidated conditions of a foreclosed home abandoned by its owners and now in the hands of a bank. The issues range from extensive water and mold damage to complete remodels of the interior and exterior of the home, including new roof, paint, carpet, cabinets, light fixtures, etc.

As a member of their foreclosure team, Wells Fargo relies on EnviroShield lead supervisor Christian Morales and his team to prepare homes for resale. We asked Christian to share some experiences from the field.

Question:  What is the toughest part of running these jobs?

Christian:  The coordination between vendors can be intense to meet tight timelines.  In some cases, we have to accomplish several projects at once. It’s not uncommon for our teams to be working to remove mold and water damage while other crew members are painting and installing floors. At the same time other companies are cleaning gutters and windows.

Question:  Tell us about the work you and the teams are doing.

Christian: In addition to our core water and mold remediation, we are also handling home improvements.  During the course of a day, I travel alone or with teams to neighborhoods in Bellevue, Seattle and Des Moines.  One home experienced significant water damage from a leaking water heater in the basement.  We removed carpet padding and wet drywall, dried out the area and installed new materials. There are also mold issues in 3 areas that we are addressing.  Another home needs some general work.  A third home has mold issues in the attic.

Question: What is the hardest physical part of your job?

Christian: There are times when we have to dig out a tunnel to work in a crawl space.  Even though I’m not claustrophobic, those tight spaces can be kind of scary.  In the summer months we can often spend an entire day on our hands and knees sanding a surface by hand.  It gets pretty warm some days.

Craig Hawkins and his team at Enviroshield have more than 20 years of experience in water damage and mold remediation.  For more information visit

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