WHS students win big at DECA state competition

  • Written by Deborah Stone
DECA second
Pictured from left to right are WHS DECA students: Kaitlin Siemering, Haley Fay, Reagan Quigley, Madison Jones, Katie Miller, Bailey Blakemore, and Kelsea Orren. Courtesy photo.

Northshore earns 70 invitations to DECA International Conference

Paul Glenovich couldn’t be happier with the results of his team at the recent DECA state competition.

Woodinville High School sent 83 students to the event at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue earlier this month. They competed in 25 different areas, including hotel and lodging management, financial services, retail merchandising, restaurant management, business finance, travel and tourism marketing, business law and ethics and sports and entertainment marketing, among others.

“We were recognized as the largest chapter in the state for the first time,” comments Glenovich. “And we have 30 students who qualified for the international competition in April in Salt Lake City, which is great!”

The longtime WHS marketing teacher has been involved in the DECA program for the past  15 years. He and another WHS instructor, Thomas Rockwood, are responsible for teaching eight classes of marketing at the school.

This year, 230 students registered for the program, a number, according to Glenovich, that has remained fairly consistent over the last five years.

About half continue on in the program to take the advanced level marketing course. Of those, another half will do a third year, enrolling in either marketing management or retail operations.

“Those who do a third year make a strong commitment,” comments Glenovich. “They have to work hard to find a place for the class in their tight and very full schedules. They are obviously very motivated students and have a real interest in the subject.”

All of the students must participate in at least the DECA area competition in order to meet class requirements.

If they do well at the event, they have the opportunity to compete at the state level.

In order to make it to the international level, they need to place in the top six of their specific event.

“Woodinville, as well as Inglemoor, always does well at the competitions,” says Glenovich. “We have strong teams and we are consistently in the top five schools in the nation. No one has brought home more awards than our two schools.”

DECA first
Kaitlin Siemering won first place in Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan at the State DECA Competition. Courtesy photo.
Glenovich attributes the success of the schools’ teams to the support students get from the community.

He adds, “We have a strong community of supporters that we can call upon to help prepare the kids, act as practice judges and be there to assist during the events. This network is so important to the kids.”

In Glenovich’s opinion, it is the practice sessions in particular for those students headed to the International event that are key to student success at this high level of competition. He explains that the students role-play with the practice judges, who give them immediate constructive feedback.

Any parent or adult community member interested in sharing their knowledge and serving as in this capacity is welcome to participate.

Glenovich adds, “Each year, about 80 parents get involved in the competitions from area to nationals. We even have several parents from previous graduating classes who devote their time, which always amazes me. It takes so many people to produce a DECA award winner and our community champions their effort.”

The veteran teacher sees firsthand how invaluable the DECA experience is for students. He notes that instilling confidence and improving communication skills are two of the most significant benefits of the program.

“When these kids compete, they learn how to articulate their ideas and thoughts to adults, who question them about their projects and their research. They get more comfortable in presenting themselves and their work and this gives them confidence, which then transfers to other situations outside of class. They walk out of here knowing they can sell themselves effectively. The confidence and the improved communication give them a leg up in life. It’s the key to success.” He adds, “I consider myself fortunate that I get to see these kids grow and change. As a teacher, this is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Upcoming practice sessions to prepare WHS students for the upcoming DECA International Conference will be held on: April 2, 9 and 24, from 5-8 p.m. To volunteer as a practice judge, contact Paul Glenovich at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Northshore students earned 70 invitations to the upcoming DECA International Career and Development Conference:

Woodinville High School:

Alex Lazear, Hotel & Lodging Management

Christine Horne/Parker Moore, Financial Services Team

Harrison Van Til, Retail Merchandising

Kaitlin Siemering, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

Kennedy Whalen, Food Marketing

Lucas Reller, Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Matthias Argenyi, Business Finance

Madison Jones/Kelsea Orren, Buying & Merchandising Team

Cristal McClure/Mary Cochran, Business Law & Ethics Team

Joyce Tang/Maaike Tiersma, Marketing Communications Team

Kenny Raymond, Entrepreneurship Written

Nate Howatson, Food Marketing

Noah An, Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan

Reagan Quigley, Professional Selling

Mike Hurdelbrink/Jack Sturgeon, Financial Services Team

Tyler Fox, Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Bailey Blakemore, Automotive Services Marketing

Kalei Munsell, Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

Trey Fornelius, Retail Merchandising,

Megan Ellis, Automotive Services Marketing

Ashley Barnett, Entrepreneurship Participating

Carter Wittington, Professional Selling

Christian Gonzalez/Cameron Exelby, Travel & Tourism Marketing Team

Haley Fay, Business Services Marketing

Inglemoor High School:

Megh Vakharia, Quick Serve Restaurant

Emmeline Vu/Brian Moran, Hospitality Services

Jordan Willis/Jordan Duffield, Travel & Tourism

Jordan Alfaro, Entrepreneurship Independent

Alex Yang/Stuart Yang, Advertising Campaign

Megan Rigby, Entrepreneurship Franchise

Lori VerMurlen, Auto Services

Rachel Grudt, Business Finance

Josey Buck, Hotel & Lodging

Lisa Malloy, Fashion Merchandising

Shane Buller/Kathleen Zhou, Buying & Merchandising

Winston Lee/Deepak Sharma, Financial Services

Garrett Lemieux, Human Resources

Jasmine Clark/Mac Abdi, Business Law & Ethics

Lauren Templeton/Michael Lewis, Marketing Communications

Brian Moran/Emmeline Vu, Hospitality & Tourism Operations

Megh Vakharia/Deepak Sharma, Sports & Entertainment Operations

Sarah MacDonald, Professional Selling

Sara Tari, Accounting

Ali Darvish, Hotel & Lodging

Hunter Mcdonald, Marketing Management

JD White, Restaurant & Food Service

Tanner Mills, Retail Merchandising

Marc Lotorto/Ben Baxter, Business Law & Ethics

Ryan Johnson/Brian Cullinan, Buying & Merchandising

Dan Holt/Jonanthan Meiusi, Marketing Communications

Dan Briggs/Janie Reid, Marketing Communications

Gina Lee, Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling

Bothell High School:

Katie Arneson/Rachel Fillman, Buying & Merchandising

Zach Anderson/Kayla Brady/Tori Momb, Chapter Awards Project (CAP)

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