Five favorites for kids

  • Written by Emily Bishton, of Green Light Gardening
Think back to your first garden memories … did your love of plants begin when you were small, and the world of your own back yard seemed so big?  Would you like your own children to be inspired by their back yard too? Here are five simple activities that are sure-fire favorites:

1) Grow food that’s fun to eat.  All berry plants are a huge hit with children, because they are easy for their small hands to pick and a sweet reward for their gardening help.  Raspberries also fit on fingertips for a portable snack!

2) Grow food for birds. Native plants each provide flowers, fruits, seeds or shelter that attract native songbirds which are fascinating for children to observe. These plants are a beautiful addition to your garden, too!

3) Plant a tree to celebrate a special occasion, whether in your own yard or as a part of community volunteering, a tree that planted together is a touchstone for a child’s life from then on.

4) Create a sensory walk.  Fragrant-leafed herbs inspire “scratch ‘n sniff” garden tours or tea parties, and plants with super-soft leaves create comfy beds for elves and fairies!

5) Add some art. Children love to make a garden their own by creating painted rocks, signs, scarecrows, or steppingstones.

Emily Bishton directs the Magnuson Jr. Nature Explorers Program. Visit Emily at

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