Beer, it's my opinion! April 23, 2012

  • Written by Toren Heald, Owner/ Broker, Wedgewood Realty and Beer Lover
The other day I was travelling through Monroe with an out-of-town friend when all of a sudden, it was time for a beer.

Not being familiar with Monroe’s finest drinking establishments, I did what everyone else would do, I pulled out the smart phone and looked up “Breweries in Monroe, WA.”

To my surprise, only one popped up — Adam’s Northwest Bistro & Brewery.  I think they are having a bit of an identity crisis because it is not Adam’s Brewery, even though Adam is also the owner of Twin Rivers Brewing Co. which is housed in a room behind the bar.

That’s OK; I suppose when they get famous they won’t want any trademark issues with Samuel Adams out of Boston.

Adam has been chef for coming up on 20 years —  most notably at Rover’s (now that’s impressive) for 12 years until opening his bistro/ brewery combo in March, 2011.

We didn’t stay for dinner but the menu looked delicious.   As a chef, he specializes in saucier work, classical French methods, wild game and seafood.

He also makes his own cheese, smokes and cures his own meats and does in-house butchery.

Chef Adam had been a home brewer and when the opportunity rose to start his own restaurant, it was an unexpected treat for him to find the former establishment, Salifish, already had the brewery attached.

He has since brought Greg Boyer on as brewer and cook.

Although we didn’t have dinner, we did have some great happy hour appetizers.  The Scotch duck egg was very good along with the spicy chili chicken wings which were some of the best I have had.

My friend was happy with his choice of the apple wood smoked pork sliders and the Manila clams.

Between the two of us sharing and all the different samples, we managed to try all the beer on draft.

We had their Pale Ale, “Adam’s” Amber Ale, Abbey Ale and the “Imperial” IPA.  All the beers are very good, drinkable beers but two stood out from the others.

My favorites were the Scotch 60 and the Stout.

As most of you know I am usually a hop head and lean more toward the pales and the IPAs but that Scotch 60 was smooth with caramel and toffee tones — delish.  This one slid nicely down the back side of my tongue and this would be my favorite pick, BRAVO! 5.6% ABV and 45 IBU’s.

My second favorite is also a surprise to me: their stout.  I’m not typically a stout guy, but this one has set the bar high — a strong dark ale with roast, smoke, coffee and distinct hop tones.

Adam’s Bistro would make an absolutely great date night. They are not your traditional “Brew Pub;” they are an upscale restaurant that brews its own beer.

They also have a full bar for the spouse who doesn’t like the malt and barley beverages. Dress your sweetie up nice and head to Monroe and to Adam’s.

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