Cherry Valley Elementary celebrates 15 years of accomplished readers at annual High Tea celebration

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Clockwise from left, Haylee Bostron, Bridget Essex, Mrs. Feller (rear of picture), Stephana Egger, Rylie Ringer and Emma Leniszewski enjoy High Tea held recently at Cherry Valley Elementary. Photo by Leanne Christensen
The Cherry Valley High Tea began 15 years ago under the inspiring leadership of beloved Cherry Valley Elementary librarian, Nelda Brangwin.

Mrs. Brangwin encourages all students to participate in the High Tea Challenge each year, creating an atmosphere of motivation, challenge and inspiration for reading at every grade level.

Earning an invitation to the High Tea is not an easy task, as attendance at this coveted event is only achieved by students who read all the titles from the annual book list, which is quite a feat. In many cases family members of the students also join in for this exciting reading quest, which lasts throughout the year.

Over the years, Nelda has partnered with the Cherry Valley PTA to make the High Tea a meaningful, educational event for Cherry Valley students and their families.

In years past Mrs. Brangwin has invited many special guests to attend the tea, including local and state politicians. Nelda feels that in sharing this enriching literary event with community members it helps to increase awareness to the significance of reading, not only during our "school days" but throughout our lifetime.

Mrs. Brangwin shared of her appreciation to the many volunteers who helped to make this event possible, PTA chairperson, Kelli Benson, fellow staff members and her husband John. Nelda is thankful for all of the support, time and passion given to this event, sharing, " It takes many hands to bring this event to Cherry Valley each year, and I am so grateful for all of the assistance I receive."

In closing, Nelda expressed her overwhelming pride and joy to the students for their commitment to reading. She congratulated the students, parents and all staff participants for attaining such a remarkable goal.

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