Beer, it's my opinion! May 14, 2012

  • Written by Toren Heald, Beer Lover and Owner, Wedgewood Realty
Hello, Wine Country, oops, I mean Beer Country!  Yes, that’s right folks, Woodinville is rapidly becoming Beer Country.

If this keeps up, our city will be in an identity crisis … oh, bite your tongue, it’s not too late.

As you all know from following my articles so closely, we currently have three active breweries: Twelve Bar Brews that got up and running just a few months ago, our newest addition Dirty Bucket Brewery and there is that little place at the south end of town called Redhook.

While having three great breweries here in little ol’ Woodinville is great, more is always better.

We are proud to announce the next to be on our roster, Brickyard Brewing.   I stopped in on Joe Montero, owner/brewer, at his warehouse that is located just north of Costco and SR 522 back in the industrial area.

Of course he was still working on his build-out for his tasting room but already it looks like good place to go for a cold one.

Joe found a very cool second-hand bar that has glass backgammon boards on the top which presumably will be in use for those with a gaming spirit whilst having a pint.

Normally I would tell you about the beers, but I wanted to be able to share those details in an upcoming article after  Brickyard Brewing finishes their build-out and has had their grand opening.

This will give them the opportunity to put several brews on tap.  Until then you will just have to trust me that you will like Joe, the location, and I’m sure you will love the beer.

Joe is starting his brewery on a shoe string and keeping things real small to start.

He is still running a copier sales and service center in the back of the pub.

That business will keep going until his brew equipment starts encroaching enough to consume the primary business.

Sounds like a good plan, Joe.

I’m looking forward to your doors opening so I can get a cold brewski and play some backgammon.   The opening is supposed to be sometime in mid-May but nothing is set in stone, so we are waiting for official notice.   ,

But when they do open, stop in and buy a copier and you will get a complimentary pint or just stop in and support another local business.

Joe was a gracious host and would love to talk beer, pour you a sample, and he even would sell you a beer.

You can find out more updates if you go to their web site at www.

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