Karen Mayfield

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

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Karen Mayfield. Courtesy photo.
Riverview Elementary technology instructional specialist Karen Mayfield has been teaching for over 25 years. She has been a teacher at the grade school level, home-schooled her own four children, and has also taught graduate school at Lesley University.

When Karen talks about her job and what she enjoys the most she energetically replies, “The children! Children are pure delight.” She continues, “They are creative, imaginative, warm and wonderful. They greet life afresh each day and share their natural exuberance and sweetness with the world.  I have a job where I get to be with students who want to create and give and share and make a difference helping others; they inspire me.”

In addition to spending each day with students from all around our district, Karen has the privilege of working alongside each elementary teacher in Riverview as well, as her job involves coaching and mentoring them in their use of the broad spectrum of technology, which she does by working with them and their students in a classroom-embedded manner.

Karen explains further, “Though my mandate is to teach and encourage growth in my colleagues, it is I who learn and benefit the most. My job requires adaptability to change, quick thinking, strong problem solving, the welcoming of challenges and steady cheerfulness!”

When asked to share a memorable moment while teaching, Karen tells the following story: “My family loves the fact that I am an elementary school teacher because I daily have something funny or precious to share with them that one of my students has said or done.

“It’s often the little ones who are the characters in my stories, but one particular day I read pure inspiration from a 5th grader working on a multimedia project about the American Revolution. She was working on her narration and, as I read through her speaker notes, I found a transition that was fantastic. ‘The tension between England and the colonies grew greater and greater. It wasn’t long before hospitality broke out everywhere!’

“Don’t you love that? If only the world would focus on hospitality rather than hostility!”

Karen’s inspiration to become a teacher came from comments on her first grade report card: “Karen is very sharp, curious, friendly and she is a leader, but she’s a little bit bossy.”

Karen admits, “ Those sound like natural qualifications for a teacher to me, and it has worked out pretty well.”

Karen lives locally and proudly states, “in our gorgeous valley.”

She enjoys a beautiful community of family and friends. She likes walking the trail with her dogs, cultivating beauty outside and working alongside her daughter as a wedding and family photographer. She also loves to dance!

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