‘Storytellers for Good’ films at Cedarcrest High School

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Teacher Peggy Filer with RAK student leaders: (Holding coats from the 2012 RAK coat drive) Maggie Gronberg, Sara Ullman, Robby MacNair and Chad Klingenberg. Photo by Devon Young
So often the news we read about and see on television can be overwhelmingly negative, sharing stories of crime, violence, corruption, etc.

Fortunately, there is a talented group of people at a place called Storytellers for Good, who have come together, dedicated to focus on and share commentaries of another kind ... those of compassion, kindness and goodness and the people who exemplify them.

Well, that is exactly what transpired when this impassioned group of storytellers came to Cedarcrest High School last month, to create a professional video highlighting Peggy Filer and her Random Acts of Kindness Club.

Mrs. Filer and her club were nominated in the fall of 2011 for the “Kindness Challenge Award” which was sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation in Denver, Colorado.

Chosen as one of the top three finalists Peggy and her club were thrilled to hear that they would be the focus of a promotional video, created by Storytellers for Good who partners with the Kindness Foundation to create and share videos of everyday people and their inspiring acts of kindness.

Founder of Storytellers, Cara Jones, explains, “The work of Storytellers for Good is to create inspiring stories...recognizing that a culture can be defined by the types of stories it chooses to tell, we ultimately hope to help create a shift away from the fear and tragedy focused news, that has so influenced our world... whenever possible, we seek to give voice to positivity over pessimism. We aim to promote goodness, and in doing so, inspire greatness.”

During their day long visit to Cedarcrest,  Cara and  videographer Ted Allen  interviewed Mrs. Filer, her students and others who have played important roles in the Kindness Club over the years.

They participated in and filmed an ASB all-school assembly in which hundreds of bags of clothing were donated to Hopelink, tokens of appreciation were given to all those involved in the RAK “movement” and students shared quotes of gratitude for their most inspiring teachers.

After school Cara and Ted witnessed the RAK outdoor campus “clean up effort” and the always inspiring  Ixtapa “Pay it Forward” lunch, where the RAK students all chipped in and bought lunches for “random” customers at their favorite local restaurant.

All in all, quite an exhilarating experience for a teacher and her club which began 12 years ago with only a half dozen or so students attending their regular meetings.

Mrs. Filer has been a bit overwhelmed with the recognition and the award, saying, “It is so humbling to receive all of this attention... I am thrilled to honor and shine the light on the students in our club.

“They continue to inspire me every day.”

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