Letters to the Editor - June 25, 2012

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It has been brought to my attention that the soccer field that the contractors turned into a “temporary” parking lot for the students during construction [at Woodinville High School] is now going to be turned back into a soccer field, which by the school’s own admission does not use.It is more for the community.

With the lack of parking for the students and the cost of returning that area to a field, I would think that we could spend our school money on better projects.

The parking has been an issue for many years and it keeps getting worse.

The school says they encourage the students to ride the bus and limit parking passes, so the parking extends to the very end of 136th.

If you are at the school when it lets out, look at the amount of students who are riding in those diesel-guzzling buses — not very many.

We need to stop the unnecessary spending of our tax dollars and try to come up with a solution.

We can start by leaving the “temporary” parking as it is and allow more students to park there. You can not force these students to take the bus by limiting parking. It just causes your neighbors to have to deal with their mailboxes and driveways being blocked — not to mention dealing with the tons of trash the kids toss out of their cars daily on 136th.

Sindi Giancoli, Woodinville


As 396 Woodinville High School seniors turned their tassels at Comcast Arena June 13th, our young Falcon men and women moved into the reality of being high school graduates ready for their futures.

It is with pleasure that the administration and staff of Woodinville High School extend their thanks to the families and community for partnering with us and for their contributions that led to the success of the graduating class of 2012.

These graduates represented us very well, displaying respect and Falcon spirit that will lay a foundation of excellence and leadership for future Woodinville graduates.

Repeatedly we heard from Comcast Event Center staff about how great the behavior of our students was and as one person said, “They are just great kids!”

All the kudos, accomplishments and pride shown couldn’t have happened without this partnership.

Special thanks are also owed to our business partners, Flower World, Inc., for their contribution of stage plant decorations; Woodinville Florist for donating the podium arrangement; Jostens for caps, gowns, diplomas and program covers; Flowers By George for student flowers; and to our dedicated staff and volunteers for the numerous contributions of time and energy whenever and wherever efforts were needed.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the Woodinville community working with you to help shape our future generations.  Hats off to you graduates, parents, guardians and supporters of the class of 2012!

Kurt S. Criscione, WHS principal


As a resident of the Wellington area for over 18 years, I have seen substantial growth in the area.

To date, I have attended all the meetings that were public knowledge to understand the development of the golf course.

We are being told by the officials of Snohomish everything is a done deal, but our input is being considered and appreciated. Really??

When Brightwater was being developed and we were told we had a voice, we looked over Brightwater’s plans. We were shown soccer fields right on Brightwater’s property. There are none today.

We are now being told that with the purchase of Brightwater, there was a contingency written that there be rec fields allocated by the development in the area — all put together in 2006 without knowledge of the community.

Now we are looking at plans put together by the Snohomish planning department that are showing the golf course development as a huge [complex with] eight soccer fields with lights, parking lots for 800 cars, a BMX building, and an indoor soccer arena — all pay for play.

Is this a way to get around the technical commercial use of the land?

WHO is thinking of the traffic and community??

We already have unsafe conditions off of 156th to the elementary school and junior high school.

There are signs at the beginning of the street [stating]  local traffic only, and a crosswalk was put in at the insistence of the community to slow cars down for kids crossing the street.

Are you seriously thinking of how 800 parking stalls are going to manage into a neighborhood?

We already have issues with the grade on 240th  for sight and weather conditions, but the roads pouring into this area are filled with children and school traffic, and you are going to raise the traffic to a higher volume?

Where and who is doing the traffic analysis? I would like to see that document. When we ask for these items from Snohomish officials, we get the run-around.

What about the noise ordinance? They are making these lighted fields, dusk to 10 at night with cars coming in and out.

Of course we have all heard the news from our local real estate brokers on how property values will go down a minimum of 15 percent.

Is this our taxpayer money at work or some political move for Snohomish to find a way to make money?

I might mention these are all PAY FOR PLAY fields and buildings.

Is this seriously the best use of this land?

That is the best you can do for the community?

I am very very concerned about the studies being done on behalf of this development and the understanding of how this is being treated.

Whose interests are being served?

Why are they not putting this type of commercial development in an industrial area set up for this — not a neighborhood with current traffic issues.

I will raise another point: Does everyone know there are great horned owls, coyotes, deer, bobcats, pileated woodpeckers, to name a few of the wild life, that exist on this golf course today?

Does this matter? Where are the environmentalists? Are these studies being done?

Teri Derr, Woodinville

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