Rain fails to dampen seventh annual Art in Bloom

  • Written by Connie Berg

A sample of the garden art at Art In Bloom. Photo by Connie Berg
As I entered Kokopelli Gardens, to enjoy the Art in Bloom gala, I couldn’t help but notice the gigantic metal horse standing at the entrance. It was quietly grazing on a mouthful of grass.  On closer examination, through a gentle but constant rainfall, I realized the horse had a carburetor for a heart. I then noticed that he was also designed, with sewing machine parts, for “sewing” (sowing) his oats!  I couldn’t wait to see what other astonishing art was waiting beyond the entrance.

Several members from the Duvall Foundation for the Arts greeted us as we entered.  My friend Marge Bergstrom and I immediately noticed the beautiful hand-painted wine glasses, displayed for purchase. They are sold for $15 each and I purchase one every year as a lovely reminder of Art in Bloom.

As always, there was beautiful art displayed everywhere. There was a wide variety of very talented artists from all over the Northwest.  A couple of my personal favorites are pictured with this article.  All of the art featured at Art in Bloom is for sale during the event.  The money raised helps supports the arts in the Valley.

As I read the program from the evening, several facts about DFA were listed.  For example … Did you know that …?

The DFA was a sponsor of the “Raise the Foundation event” this year?

The DFA has given out $2,450 in individual scholarships within the past 12 months and $1,000 in grants?

The DFA is a sponsor of the art and music related activities for both the Duvall and Carnation farmers markets?

The DFA is a sponsor for the Valley Art Show and a new sponsor for the Teen Summerstage?

If you’ve never been to Art in Bloom, you are truly missing out! The opening gala on Friday night is a perfect “Date Night” or a fun Ladies Night Out! Saturday and Sunday the gardens are open to the public and there is no admission fee. It is such a great place for a family outing and a fun way to share the arts with your kids.

These are several reasons you should put Art in Bloom on your list for next year! Listed below are my top five.

• The art is breathtaking!

• Sue and Davin Hendrickson’s property is heavenly to walk through!

• The food and wine are not only delicious but bountiful at the Friday night gala!

• You are guaranteed to have a great time and to run into someone you know.

• All proceeds support the arts in the valley!  (And DFA rocks!)

This year the weather for the gala was a little wetter than usual.  But the rain didn’t dampen the excitement of the evening and for me, the rain helped bring movement and life to the art on display.  You can find out more about Art in Bloom and The Duvall Foundation for the Arts at

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