Why it’s so Great Selling Real Estate in Woodinville

  • Written by Submitted by Shannon Woodcock, Cascade Team
If you have lived in Woodinville for more than a few years, you have seen quite a surge in its regional and national recognition and subsequent popularity for home buyers.  Everyone knows there are super destination spots here: world class wineries and restaurants, great equestrian training centers and parks and recreation spots. But even more exciting is that Woodinville is just such a great place to live!

There was once a time when Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond were the only cities that someone living outside of Washington state had ever heard of. It used to be that when people transferred here from other states and countries for jobs, those cities were usually at the top of the target list for the inevitable “house hunt.” But times have changed. Woodinville is definitely on the list and for good reason.

Like anything that grows in popularity and success, it is often fueled via word of mouth. With the prevalence of great portals of communication — blogs, email, facebook and other tools — word has gotten out that Woodinville is an awesome place to live.  There is also the good old-fashioned conversation over a glass of wine after work; one colleague tells another, “I moved here five years ago from the East Coast for a job and have lived in Woodinville the entire time.  And I LOVE it!”

What makes Woodinville so great? In my opinion there are two main factors:  First, it’s the people who live in Woodinville. It makes sense that such a beautiful town that places such a premium on green space, recreation and awesome, high-quality businesses would attract awesome, high quality people. Sure, the commute from Woodinville to the technology corridor in and around Redmond and Bellevue is excellent. But the clients with whom I have worked as buyers and the ones who have bought homes I have had listed say the same thing time and time again:  “Once I came to Woodinville, I fell in love with it.” Also, people who have moved here from other areas (myself included—a transplant all the way from Seattle) have felt welcomed by the long-time Woodinville residents. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but it sort of feels like there is an unspoken understanding that if you are smart enough to choose Woodinville as a place to live, then you are invited to the party.

The second factor that I see as being responsible for Woodinville’s popularity is the variety of neighborhoods from which home buyers can choose. There is nothing cookie-cutter or boring about what Woodinville has to offer. If you love large lots and large, well-built homes, while still having a structured neighborhood feel, you may like Lake of the Woods, Saybrook, Aspenwood, Brook Trails Estates or Tuscany. Waterfront homes can be found on Cottage Lake, Lake Leota and Lake Tuck. If you like charming homes on large private lots with a more natural setting, you may choose Wellington, Reintree, Cottage Lake Bridle Trails or Ring Hill. And if you want to have a lovely home on a beautiful piece of land or live on acreage with your horse and have trails close by yet still be super close-in, Hollywood Hill is probably for you; I call it home and can’t ever imagine living anywhere else now. Want to be super close-in but don’t want a lot of land? Reinwood I and II and Woodinville Highlands are great choices. And there is an ample selection of condominium complexes available in Woodinville as well.

There are too many great neighborhoods in Woodinville to mention them all.  But rest assured, Woodinville’s star continues to rise and its reputation for offering “Country Living & City Style” is alive and well.  Enjoy living in one of the best communities on the planet and take comfort that you have chosen wisely for your own pleasure and as a super real estate investment for years to come!

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