Letters to the Editor - July 23, 2012

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For all the many bright gold and red Dawn McCravey signs that litter our streets, being able to read her party affiliation is near impossible. And no matter how large she makes her billboard-sized signs, GOP (aka Republican), is still too small and faint to read … and out of compliance with the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) regulations. Is she embarrassed to associate herself with the Republican brand that is taking apart public education in states like Wisconsin?

Cathy Ferbrache-Garrand, Bothell

Do we want to have happen in what’s left in agricultural land here in our valley? Look what happened in the once flourishing beautiful Kent Valley.

Once many vegetable farms, dairies, bulb, flower farms, now all gone. Only one dairy left, a small one, all else warehouses, factories, businesses, etc.

I read the article last week and am glad to know she feels like a few others, about the efforts some are trying to obtain more of our valley for commercial use.

There are many people working in Woodinville, but don’t live here, so do the owners of establishments so they aren’t concerned about what is being done to try to take more of what’s left of this fertile farmland.

Thank goodness the zipline wasn’t allowed by the county. People did a good job in making people realize what would have happened to our peaceful Hollywood Hill and surrounding area (including schools, parks, riding arena, saddle club).

We must keep aware of what’s going on.

Helen McMahon, Woodinville

I think it is an amazing idea to build the sports park. I think it’s a good idea because it’s useful for many sports and games. It will also be a great place to spend time with family and friends. Another great thing about the park is there is enough parking for everyone so that means no parking in neighborhoods close by. There will be free activities for every age, and there will be many sports to play. There will be additional sports fields for football, soccer, and LAX, which will make it easier and closer to go to a game.

There are going to be indoor facilities, so that means no rain-outs. Also, there will an off-leash area for dogs, which will make it easier, instead of going to Marymoor Dog Park.

There are going to be some concerns, but I also have some solutions. There could be a littering problem, but there could be a lot of garbage cans around the area. Mess from dogs could also be a problem, so there could be “Doggie Stations”, like at Marymoor Dog Park. There would no longer be a golf club, but there is also Echo Falls close by. The lights might be a problem, so there could be a timer so the lights could turn off at a certain time.

Environmental preservation is also wanted around Woodinville, so they could have a part where it’s woods and/or remain a wetland. There is also one problem of stormwater flooding, but like at the Carol Edwards Fields, the synthetic fields could have drains under them to stop the flooding.

Like I said before I think this will be an amazing addition to the Woodinville community.

Elaine Tarter, 5th Grade, Wellington Elementary

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