Local band gets opportunity of a lifetime

  • Written by Deborah Stone
John and Russ Thornburg and Julio Posada make up the band JAR. Courtesy photo.
Brothers John and Russ Thornburg and their friend Julio Posada are what you might call highly focused go-getters. The trio, who comprise the band JAR, has already recorded six full length albums, including one under the production of Lynn Sorenson (Bad Company/Paul Rogers) and Doug McGrew, one of the most sought after session drummers in the region.

What’s remarkable about this feat is that these local young men are all under the age of 20. They formed JAR in the winter of 2009 and soon became veterans of the KTUB, Old Redmond Firehouse and Drum Lab Teen Center Circuit. Recently, they’ve been performing on bigger stages including The Crocodile Café, Hard Rock Café, King Cat Theater and the Kirkland Performing Arts Center. The band writes its own music, taking inspiration from real life experiences. The young men say that their sound appeals to a wide demographic of listeners. John has been making music since he was a child, first on the drums and later with the acoustic guitar. He is the band’s lead vocalist. Russ, 16, plays the guitar and piano while Julio, 19, is the bass man. The Thornburgs are from Kenmore, while Posada hails from Redmond.  In their quest to reach out to larger audiences, the band has accepted an offer to co-star in a reality TV/docu-drama called, “The Making of Rockstars.”

According to Thornburg, the show is a behind-the- scenes look into what it takes to become rock stars. It’s an insider’s view of the journey that rock bands go through in an effort to become successful in the highly competitive music industry. “We’re going on tour as the opening act for the Tacoma-based band Riot in Rhythm,” explains Thornburg. “Cameras will be in the RVs that we will be traveling in and then crews will be following us around and filming our shows. They’ll focus on our struggles and tribulations, our songwriting process and our preparations before we do a show. They’ll also film us when we’re goofing off and when we’re seeing the sights around the country. We’ll be hitting universities, small bars, Hard Rock cafes and other venues.” The show will be aired in over 300 million homes and we will be able to sell our new CD, “Humans” online via the exposure. This is our big chance.”

The challenge, notes Thornburg, is that the group must raise nearly $20,000 in the next few weeks in order to cover their expenses for the three-month tour, which they hope to embark on in late September or early October. “We need your help,” emphasizes Thornburg. “It won’t happen unless we can raise this money quickly.” He notes there are incentive gifts for those who contribute at different levels and include everything from an invitation to join the band members at a private movie marathon to handwritten and signed lyrics. There’s even the opportunity to have your name incorporated into an upcoming original song. “We want this really bad,” adds Thornburg. “It’s our chance to make our dream a reality.”

Those interested in helping JAR achieve its goal, can visit

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